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What You Should Know About Call Jobs

Published at 02/07/2012 17:52:38

Call jobs are those jobs which are usually call-center based jobs, but such jobs are also done in other offices as well. Call jobs could be marketing and sales related or it could be customer service based. If it is marketing and sales job then the job profile would be to sell the product of the company by calling the target consumers.

Call jobs in call centers are very challenging because it requires an employee to handle all kinds of customers. There are domestic call centers which deal with local clients and there are international call centers which deal with international clients. Both local and international call centers only have call jobs.

To get a call job in a call center, you should have excellent communication skill and also you should have great customer handling skills. Call jobs in call centers are many and the attrition rate is very high in this job.

Multi-National Companies outsource their call jobs to cut cost. Cost cutting is the only reason why most call jobs from United States, United Kingdom, Australia and many other countries have been outsourced to countries like India and China because the working cost gets reduced by a very big margin.

Countries like India and China have great resources and very large group of trained professionals which has helped companies in countries like US and UK to get their work done for peanuts. India has large English speaking professionals and China has also become English savvy which has helped them in call jobs.

Call jobs do not require any professional qualification or a university degree. Call jobs whether in call center or in any office requires an employee to sit on the chair for at least 12 to 15 hours either for selling or generating leads or for solving customer queries.


Call jobs are very high paying jobs but these are usually hire and fire jobs especially for sales and marketing profile. Sales related call jobs are target based and this is the main reason why attrition rate is very high in this job. Many employees drop-out because they can’t handle the pressure due to stiff monthly targets which are set for them.

Call jobs also have researched based profile and they can also be marketing and sales related. Some research jobs are for generating sales leads whereas some are for collecting data or getting feedback from the customers.

Call jobs are easy to get but very difficult to sustain. If you are in customer service then you can remain in such call job for a longtime but you need to be very good in solving customer queries.

Tips and Comments

To get into a call job you need to improve your communication skills. There are accent training institutes, which can help you to gain command over your communication skill. You should decide what kind of call job you want to do, that is in sales or customer service domain. There is great growth potential in call job and you can gradually get into a managerial position after few years.