Job the Neighbors Will Be Jealous About
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Job the Neighbors Will Be Jealous About

Published at 02/07/2012 23:46:20


Job the Neighbors Will Be Jealous About

In today’s fast paced life everyone is either searching for greatness or trying to be great. But in this dog eat dog world only the best get to survive. These days you simply just can’t afford to do your bachelors and expect to get a great job the that not only pays well but also has a lot of added benefits for example health care etc. Everyone is looking for that perfect job the that will not only make sure they have a great lifestyle but will totally makes their friends relatives and neighbors jealous. This game of life that we are playing is all about style, it is all about power, and it is all about status in short it is all about money.


You might find yourself asking what is the best job the that will get you all of that and much more. With few working hours, good pay and most importantly the job the that you will love and enjoy. Such jobs though hard to find are not impossible to find.


Number one of the list of jobs that will not only guarantee you a good pay but also will enhance your status in society is that of a Medical Practitioner. Be it Dentists, surgeons or General Family Practitioners, doctors make an ample amount of money. However, the amount of money they make depends upon the credibility they have in the eyes of the general public. A doctor whose is supposed to be the best in his field, always having successful operations will definitely be able to make a lot more than a fresh graduate. Not only that the job the of a doctor has various fields which you can indulge yourself in. For example, Psychiatrists, PHD Doctors, Surgeons and Dentists all fall into this category. Another great profession you might want to take on is of Professors. Here I am not talking about teachers in High Schools but proper Professors in Universities. Professors working in Universities such as Harvard make as much as $33000 US dollars per year. Not only do professors in Universities have a high rank in society but their yearly pay is also good. Moreover, many of them are offered good benefits as well for example their child’s college education is taken cared for and their working hours are great as well. Apart from that, Athletes such as footballers, tennis players and even cricketers are one of the highest paid in the whole world. Footballers like Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Frank Lampard are paid in millions just for a single game.

Tips and comments

Although these jobs the are great as they pay a lot of money with many benefits at the side however, Doctors and Athletes have long working hours. Especially the Athletes they are working and travelling all year round and there is no concept of a vacation in an Athletes life. The problem is the same with the Doctors especially if you are a surgeon, it is not a 9 to 5 job but you have to work all day over here and still have to put in your best and be on the top of your game to survive.