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Published at 02/08/2012 19:48:17


If you are proficient with computers and are looking to start a career, jobs software development are in high demand at the moment. As we rely more and more on software for various jobs and activities the demand for jobs software development grows higher and higher. You might think that you will need to learn a lot of coding languages that will take a lot of time and will be difficult to assimilate from a certain point, but jobs software development are not all about programmers and coders. There are also designers, data base administrators, and most recently the QA department.


For example if you do not want to take extensive and expensive programming courses, or are just not very attracted to coding you can always try Quality assurance. QA is not all about testers, there are many jobs to be had in this area, like analysts, QA engineers and QA experts. This on top of the regular management jobs. So if you think you have encountered a lot of types of software, have good attention to detail, you can express yourself well in your native language you can be a tester. A tester job is not overly complicated to perform but it takes skill to be a good tester. You must be ruthless with the software you test, so no unwanted bugs slip by. Nowadays the clients that will create jobs software, will be looking for quality and dependability in the software they purchase so having a critical eye can net you a nice tester jobs software.


If you find testing to boring you can always be an analyst. An analyst job is to create the documentation for the respective software and come up with test cases for the testers. For this you must be able to easily understand various types of software and be able to describe their functionality with ease and professionalism. You need to be able to know exactly how the software works. This will imply a close working relationship with the project designers and usually a QA analyst has a high impact on the design of software, sometimes having a larger contribution to the project than everyone else involved in the creation of the software. Analysts should know the standards of today’s software so they know what to ask of the software developers.

Tips and comments

A QA expert is a mix of tester, developer and analyst. For this job you will need to have a little programming knowledge, and be more oriented towards the creation of the software rather than assuring that bugs do not exist in the software. Another way to go is a career in database administration. You will need basic knowledge of SQL but all in all it’s not a difficult job to perform. Mostly will involve the editing, updating and restoring of databases in case something goes wrong. Usually for this jobs software you will not have much to do. But these jobs software are in high demand as databases are needed even when not developing software, but to simply maintain the information of a company. And of course if you are good at coding, the programmer job is always in high demand as these are the basic workers of the jobs software development.
Good luck!