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How To Find All Jobs in Your Area

Published at 02/08/2012 05:10:52


If you’re looking for a job the traditional ways and you’re not having any luck you might want to consider finding all jobs in your area and seeing which is best suited for you. You don’t need to go to the biggest employers in your domain and never find a job. You can find all jobs in your area even if you think you are not right for them you might be surprised how easy it is to change your career direction these days when the job market is in such disarray due to the economic crisis.
Jobs are there to be found and you need to start searching for them.

Step 1

How do you find all jobs in your area? Simple :
The first and most comprehensive method is to go on-line and find the tens and hundreds of sites specialized in indexing all jobs  that are open. Most companies nowadays will go online and submit an advert for all jobs they are looking to fill. This is very easy and cost free while submitting an advert in other forms of media like newspapers or radio will often have costs attached to them, not to mention it’s not as fast and simple as using the internet. Most of the companies will put adverts on the internet even if they are not following the lifespan of the advert. Having such an advert will usually get them enough CVs sent over that they don’t need to use any other ways of attracting people.
Now find these sites, and make accounts on the top three. You will need to provide an email as new jobs fitting your profile are regularly added to sites and sent as newsletters directly to your email.

Step 2

Now that you have created accounts you need to add CVs to them.All jobs will require you submit a CV. This is usually easier than actually writing them as these sites have templates that you need to fill with examples and are usually very user friendly.

Step 3

As soon as you have created your CV you can start looking at all jobs in your area to find something that is suitable. Mind you not all jobs are easy to get, you need to submit CVs and go to interviews. You might even need to find the website of the company that is hiring and send them a CV there as well, since most companies will look at the CVs submitted on their site. This also adds a degree of seriousness to your application, telling the employer that you are serious about the job and are not just submitting random CVs in the hopes that you’ll get lucky.

Step 4

You now have a database of all jobs in your area, to use at your will. You can try finding something that you have experience in or just switch the direction of your career. Usually the companies will teach you all you need to know about your new job so you don’t need to worry.

Step 5

The only downside to starting a new career is that you will have to start out low. But usually people with working experience in general and that are more mature will have an easier time progressing through the company hierarchy.
Good luck finding the best job for you.


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