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How To Find a Good Lawyer in Los Angeles

Published at 02/19/2012 22:55:25


The profession of lawyer in Los Angeles is organized under the principle of autonomy, as each lawyer must be part of a bar. The bar is composed of all the lawyers in the region of Los Angeles, and any lawyer in Los Angeles will have to take an exam to be accepted as a part of this organization. Therefore, if you are looking for a lawyer in Los Angeles, be sure to find one that was accepted in the bar. Hundreds of people practice this job without being admitted in the bar, presenting themselves as lawyers, but they are only paralegals, or other kind of legal individuals.

Step 1

The bar has the obligation to make a list every year with the lawyers in Los Angeles. All the details about the respective lawyers are stated there, and if you want to find a good lawyer in Los Angeles, than this is the place to start your searches. In the same list, you will also find the companies and firms that are allowed to practice this occupation, and if you are not decided about a name, you can find a good firm that is specialized in the branch of law that you are looking for.

Step 2

Make sure to find the suited lawyer in Los Angeles, as there are different branches of advocacy, and a lawyer in the family law business might not be suited if you are involved in a criminal case. From this point of view, you might want to look for the lawyers that were used by your friends and relatives.

Step 3

With the care of the bar, the annual list of lawyers and companies in Los Angeles is updated, so if you start your searches there, you will have all the chances to find a lawyer in Los Angeles.

Step 4

The list is public, therefore it should be put at your disposal by the local authorities whenever you need it. Moreover, the majority of companies are trying to attract more customers, so they would put the list at your disposal free, just to prove you they are a part of the bar.

Step 5

Besides the bar, a good lawyer in Los Angeles might also be a part of other lawyers organizations, and it is better to ask this aspect also. Being a part of those organizations proves that the lawyer is interested in his job, and that he is one of the elites of the city when it comes to legal matters.


Juridical assistance can be given to a large number of persons. Moreover, if you have been the victim of a robbery, or of a financial scam, you should be able to benefit of the services of a lawyer for free. In any case, the free lawyer in Los Angeles is only available for certain categories of citizens. As a victim of a felony, you will have to prove you are a part of those categories to obtain a free lawyer. Moreover, you should know that the free lawyers are paid by the state, and this job is not attractive. This is why usually free lawyers are not the best on the market, so if you have the necessary financial resources, you should pay for the services of an approved lawyer in Los Angeles.


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