Top 5 Lawyers in the United States
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Top 5 Lawyers in the United States

Published at 03/01/2012 22:17:09


Top 5 Lawyers in the United States

Law firms and lawyers in the US are also ranked based on the practice’s performance and that of the attorney. Most of the rankings come from peer groups which nominate the firm and the lawyers. However, the most effective lawyers in the nation are those who have left their marks in the legal and judicial sector by upholding the constitutional and legal rights of civilians. The rest of the article show why these lawyers in America are considered influential people.


Top 5 Lawyers in the United States

Law and justice have existed since the time of ancient civilizations in the form of orators and debaters delivering public discourse. In the 11th century, a group of people specialized in canon law and they were considered experts in the field. At that time, the number of people practicing canon law was steadily rising. However, this type of law practice mostly served the Roman Catholic Church. By 1250, law practice became a profession dealing mostly with the civil courts. Today, law serves so many branches of specializations from civil and criminal to injury and trial attorneys.


Top 5 Lawyers in the United States

Lawyers in the United States are conferred the Juris Doctor degree. Law studies involve approximately 8 years of study, licensure and bar examinations. Although lawyers can work everywhere practicing their professions, you will find lawyers in academic institutions such as universities teaching law subjects. They can also work in both public and private sectors, business corporations, parastatals, volunteer or non-profit organizations. Winning cases in court rests on the arguments and evidence presented by lawyers. It helps establish their credibility and reputation and gain clients. In the case of public attorneys, representing the interests of the state or the nation are their main duties. Good lawyers, are however, those who can work on both sides of a litigation. That said, here is a list of top 5 lawyers in the US:

  1. Clarence Darrow. A witty lawyer, he was an influential member of the American Civil Liberties Union and is best known for defending Leopold and Loeb, accused in the thrill murder of 14-year old Robert Franks. Darrow is a fierce defender of underdogs and for this, he is one of the top lawyers in American history. He died in 1938.
  2. Andrew Hamilton. Scottish by origin, Hamilton was a great lawyer during the period of colonial America. He was known for his eloquence and successfully defended newspaper publisher John Peter Zenger in a libel suit. He died in 1741.
  3. Vincent Bugliosi. One of the top lawyers in America is Bugliosi, who was responsible in prosecuting Charles Manson and others in the Tate-La Bianca murders. He also wrote books such as Reviving History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy and The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder.
  4. Alan Dershowitz. Another high profile lawyer in American history is the Dershowitz. He was involved in criminal cases such as those involving high-profile persons like Patty Hearst, Mike Tyson, and Jim Bakker. However, his most prominent role was as a commentator in the Arab-Israeli conflict.
  5. Percy Foreman. A brilliant tactical lawyer, Foreman lost 53 out of the 1500 death-penalty cases he defended. Only 1 case was lost and resulted to the execution of Steve Mitchell in 1951. His famous clients included James Earl Ray (convicted murderer of Martin Luther King Jr) and Candy Mossler a wealthy socialite accused of killing her husband.

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Johnnie Cochran's name will go down in history as one the top lawyers in the US. His defense team's acquittal of O.J. Simpson involved in the murder of Nicole Brown and Ronald Golden was a highly controversial and much publicized case. He was the main attorney in the litigation process. Cochran has also defended other celebrities such as Michael Jackson.