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Is Lawyer Malpractice Common?


Who do you turn to for any pressing issues such as compensation from insurance or even immigration issues? The correct answer is your lawyer. But what is an individual to do if the lawyer isn’t being honest with them? Maybe you have been cheated by your lawyer for a bit of extra cash. Lawyer malpractice is a pressing issue that many people around the world are facing. What exactly is lawyer malpractice and how can it be tackled in order to avoid it? Sometimes this issue goes without any notice and most people begin to check after receiving their settlement checks.


Lawyer malpractice occurs when a legal representative is inadequate to render proper professional services to a client, thus damaging the punter. In order to justify the level of negligence the injured party faced, it must be proven that the causing act was not the consequence of improper strategy, but instead due to a result of blunders that a logical attorney would not make. In today’s present condition when everyone is out there to get benefit from others, lawyer malpractice is becoming quite common. Bar Associations are now getting complaints on a daily basis about the illogical behavior of lawyers. This is causing an upsurge of mistrust among civilians and individuals to get proper services in legal matters. This can be quite an estranged situation for a person to get stuck in. Lawyer malpractice is a huge issue that should be tackled immediately by law firms. It is becoming widespread due to the increase in private lawyers for hire.


Lawyer malpractice is becoming a pressing issue around the world due to the accessibility of finding lawyers very easily. This causes lawyers to state a price which is in accordance to them without the regulation of a higher authority. In turn, lawyers who practice such behavior end up cutting down compensation from their clients. If you feel as if you are being led into lawyer malpractice, contact the local bar immediately for assistance. This is an important issue and the quicker you handle it the better for you. To prove to the associated bar how you believe lawyer malpractice was implemented on you, a great deal of evidence must be collected. Without the proper evidence it will become quite difficult to prove your case to the judge. The best thing to do is to hire a better lawyer;  it’s best to do a bit of research about the firm before hiring another lawyer.

Tips and comments

Avoid by all costs a lawyer that is not attached to a firm and runs his or her private office. These lawyers usually do not have to report to a higher authority. Due to this fact a larger up spur of lawyer malpractice among private attorneys. Report to an overseeing authority if you feel as if this injustice is being done to you. Collect as much evidence against this attorney; this includes medical reports and witnesses to this situation. This will make a strong case against the legal representative.

By Leroy Flowers, published at 03/01/2012
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