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How to study to become a lawyer in Texas

Published at 01/18/2012 21:38:38


Becoming a lawyer is more than earning a bachelor’s degree. Law students must know that becoming a lawyer is more then just a profession it’s a lifestyle. It’s true that being an attorney it’s a good way to make money but you always have to push yourself and this takes time from the other joy’s of life. Law is similar to mathematics it involves problem solving day by day. The difference between them is that people who turn to a lawyer have more complex problems than math and solving their problems implies more than just knowledge of laws. One of the best thing about becoming a lawyer is that people always need some sort of legal advice, when they want to buy a house, get married etc.

Step 1

The process of becoming a lawyer can be very hard and it requires a lot of hard work. First of all if you want to become a lawyer in Texas you must first earn a bachelor’s degree. It takes seven years of education to obtain a law degree. To enter a law school you must pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), of course having a letter of recommendation, work experience and other extracurricular activities will help you have a better chance of getting in. The state bar will review your criminal record before allowing you to take the bar exam. No drug or substance abuse is allowed. Lawyers have to be models for the rest of the society and the state of Texas has high moral and ethical requirements.

Step 2

After completing school you have several career options available. You can always start private practice, this means you can start your own law firm or find a firm that employs a lot of attorneys. If you start your own law firm, or in a small law firm, you must be prepared for a variety of cases. Larger firms have higher starting salaries and working with corporate clients is attractive.

Corporate law is very attractive because it involves working in a law department of a large company, and the legal work that has to be done varies accordingly to the activities of the company. If a company has a large law staff attorneys will specialize accordingly do the firms needs.

As a lawyer you can always represent the public interest. Being a public interest law attorney gives you the chance to represent people or interests that are underrepresented in the legal process. This means that you will help the poor and others with the best legal advice you can provide. InTexas the local legal aid program is well known.

Step 3


Before taking the bar exam take extra time for study. The test is very difficult to pass so the more prepared you are the better. Some law applicants say that a minimum of three months time of study is required to pass the Texas State Bar.

Keep your resume update. After you passed the state bar make sure to keep your resume up to date, because every bit of experience counts in the race of getting a better job.