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How To Repair Musical Instruments Percussion

Published at 04/02/2012 06:56:39


Music is an integral part of human existence and is very much a part of our daily lives. In the primitive era, humans generated music either by sounds like clapping, humming or by any instrument mostly for performing rituals rather than for entertainment. The concept of artistic music, melody and symphony came much later. Musical instruments have undergone a lot a transformation over the years since their discovery. The various musical instruments can be characterized as strings, percussion, electric and keyboard instruments.

Step 1

What is musical instruments percussion?

The instruments that are used to produce music by hitting and pounding are known as percussion instruments. Types of musical percussion instruments are blocks, bongos and drum kits. The musical instrument percussion is classified by the pitch of tone produced by them. Some popular pitched percussion is cymbals, chimes, orchestra bells and vibraphone to mention a few. Un-tuned percussion instruments include the bass drum, sizzle cymbals and tom-toms.

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Rhythmic musical instruments percussions are referred to as Membraphones. It is the type of hitting or pounding that determines the various types of music created by these membraphones. It could be done by hands, drumsticks or brushes. Popular examples of rhythmic musical percussion instruments are drum sets and timpani. Drum pedals enables a person to play more than one instrument. Drum sets are a collection of percussion instruments, which can be played by only one musician. In this group, the largest instrument is the bass drum. It produces low sound when hit by a foot pedal. Timpani are made of fiberglass or copper and looks like a kettle with a drumhead on top.

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These types of musical instruments percussion are made of a single material, either metal or wood. Ideophones are also called melodic percussions. Xylophone is the most renowned melodic percussion and is made from wooden bars of different sizes. The bars are hit by mallets to produce the desired melody.

Step 4

Music instrument percussion technicians

Music instrument percussion technicians are trained professional responsible for all kinds of repair and maintenance of music instruments. These technicians are trained to be experts in this field and often demonstrate high quality work. They show case their specialty in diagnosing the problems with the musical percussion instrument. The technicians carry out functions like cleaning, fixing broken components as a part of routine maintenance. There are certain technicians who concentrate and expertise in one type of instrument like pianos, drums and guitars. There are some who take up one instrument family like string, brass and woodwinds.

Step 5

Apart from doing the repair work they are also experts in playing musical percussion instruments. The expert technicians often run their own stores where people bring their equipment to fix them, while many provide door to door service, going to the client’s house to provide the solution. There are a few who work in factories and music stores.


With the popularity of the internet, many technicians host their own website which helps them in advertising and publicizing their services. Through these websites they can also provide assistance to clients to fix the instrument on their own.


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