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What Are Acoustic Musical Instruments?

Published at 02/12/2012 20:15:47


A Brief Overview Of Acoustic Musical Instruments – How They Evolved Over Time:
Acoustic musical instruments like guitars are popular among teenagers and youngsters. They’re a common sight at concerts, orchestras, rock shows, theatres, movies and stage performances. These devices have been successfully used in Rock & Roll, Western, Country, Praise, Worship and Gospel music. Currently, drums, electric bass, pianos and guitars together make a contemporary acoustic musical set. These instruments produced soothing symphonies via acoustic or physical means. They’re played during live musical performances.


In this article, a few commonly used acoustic musical instruments are mentioned.

Guitar is probably the most popular device in this category. The invention of this tool is credited to Europeans in 12th century. It’s a wooden “plucked string instrument” which is played using pick or fingers. It comprises of metallic strings to produce notes. It’s utilized for playing famous genera like bluegrass, blue, country, jazz, flamenco, metal, soul, rock, pop or jota.

Bass Drum:
It’s a large sized drum that produces musical notes of indefinite pitch. They’re percussion instruments that come in different shapes and sizes. 3-4 types of drums are used for performance. They’re collectively known as drum kit. It was first used in Turkey in the 18th century.

Piano is one of the simplest acoustic musical instruments, adored by kids, teens and adults all over the world. The use of first piano is credited to Bartholomeo in Padua, Italy. This device comes with a set of black and white keys that are connected to metallic strings and wires. When the keys are pushes, strings move and hammers hit on metallic plates to produce music.


Xylophones are African percussion devices. Unlike keyboards or pianos, they consist of wooden keys or bars that are played by mallets (hammers). They were initially designed for kids and used for orchestral purposes. The contemporary models are made up of fiberglass, rose wood or padak. All elementary schools in Asia and Africa promote the use of xylophones for orchestral purposes.

Conga, popularly known as tumbadora is one of the most used acoustic musical instruments. It comes in a set of 3 tall, narrow, cylindrical single headed drums. It was invented in Central Africa. Earlier they were made of wood however modern day congas are designed with fiberglass. A skilled musician uses 5 stokes (combination of fists and fingers) to produce notes by hitting the drum head. It’s a prominent item in Caribbean music operas.

Musical Bell:
Musical bell is the simplest sound device that comes in the category of percussion instruments and idiophones. They have a cone shaped, roughly triangular body with a protruding tongue like clapper that struck against the walls to produce pleasant sounds. Church bells are large models of this device. Contemporary bells are still used for Christmas symphonies.

Tips and comments

So, these were some commonly used acoustic musical instruments. Nowadays, electronic models are prevalent in the market. Users can easily purchase them from online shops, music studios and local stores.


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