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Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr. known to the world as T.I or TIP, is an American rap singer, music producer, author, film producer and an actor. Born on September 25th, 1980 in Atlanta, Georgia, Harris was influenced by rap music as a young child. His grandmother gave him the nickname TIP and he uses T.I as his stage name. T.I is the founder and CEO of his own record company called Grand Hustle Records. T.I has seven albums to his name, which include "I'm Serious", "Trap Muzik". "Urban Legend", "King", "T.I vs. T.I.P", "Paper Trail", and "No Mercy". T.I has released countless mixtapes with new music and his upcoming eighth album, "Troubled Man" is going to be released in the summer of 2012. Harris has been in legal trouble over the past decade for substance abuse and for weapons possession.

T.I has severed time in county jail twice for probation violations and he has served 11 months in federal prison. T.I is one of the most talented rappers of the 2000s and he has released many successful hit solo singles and singles with other artists, such as "Bring 'Em Out", "Dead & Gone", "Poppin' (Do It)", "Live Your Life", "That's All She Wrote", "Swagga Like Us", "What You Know" and other hit singles. You can find ti lyrics online if you want to have a copy of ti lyrics to sing along to. Many people use lyrics such as ti lyrics to sing in talent shows or to use as karaoke. The Internet makes it possible for people to access any ti lyrics and use them for anything they wish. T.I does have an official website, but it does not contain ti lyrics, so this means you have to search for ti lyrics in other ways.

T.I Lyrics on YouTube

Determine what T.I song you want the ti lyrics for. If you want multiple ti lyrics for more than one T.I song, that is fine because you can get ti lyrics for all of those songs. Use One way to get ti lyrics is on YouTube. Many users have the ti lyrics under the video description. You need a way to find those ti lyrics because users have a way you can identify how to how to get the lyrics to a song. Type in the T.I song and add the word "lyrics". For example, type in "T.I Be Easy Lyrics" in the YouTube search. Many results should appear in the search results on YouTube. Click on the video with the ti lyrics and then look for the description bar with the lyrics. If the lyrics are not in the description bar, look for another video with the ti lyrics for that particular song. If you stlll cannot find the lyrics go to another website.

T.I Lyrics on AZLyrics

Go to Go to the letter "T" and then search for T.I.'s name. Go to the album where the ti lyrics you want come from and then look for the song you want the lyrics for.

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Once you find those ti lyrics, you can copy/paste them in Microsoft Word or another word processor or print them out if you have a printer.

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