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How To Find Lyrics The Real Slim Shady

Published at 01/24/2012 08:41:04

About Eminem

People say that success is earned and when it comes to Eminem, this fact applies perfectly well. At the age 14 years, Eminem was already on the mics trying to figure his way into the music world which he surely did. Eminem released his first album in 1999 which was a real hit in the market. In fact, the album, The Slim Shady LP, was voted as the best solo performed song at Grammy’s award of that year and it managed to sell more than 1000 copies in the market. The album marked the initial transformation of Eminem in the music world which show his popularity rise tremendously. The lyrics the real Slim Shady are in the genre of HipHop songs as most songs by Eminem are.

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About the Real Slim Shady

This song was the Eminem’s first major hit song from his most popular album of all time. It actually acted as an introduction of this presently day famous artist into the rapping world. Although the song was initially written for his third studio album The Marshall Mather Lp and only released as a single lead song at the time, it was actually released in the year 2005 in his greatest hits album. The song has of presently won multiple awards such as MTV video music awards for it being the best video song of the year as well as the best male video song. It still receives major recognition as of now despite having been in the market for more than a decade. It was recently placed at number 80 among the other best tracks of the past 15 years by NME in October 2011. Lyrics the will the real Slim Shady please Stand up in the song are one of the most popular rap song lines even as of today. Amazing songs and lyrics the available online.

How to find Lyrics the Real Slim Shady

Just like most of other songs, the internet is the main source of all the lyrics of the many released songs in the market. There are many websites where you can get the lyrics of the Real Slim Shady song. For instance, lyrics the are well outlined at the official webpage of Eminem that houses all the collection of his work. You can still listen to the song through you tube or else download it into your PC.

Other hit songs by Eminem

In his music career, Eminem has released many songs than any other living hip hop artist. Most of his songs have won admiration from all over the world and he is regarded as a celebrity by many. He released the song Lose Yourself which was from the OST movie ‘8 mile’ in the year 2003. Actually, the lyrics of this song talks about the life time of Eminem in his early years of struggle in Detroit to become who he is today. Another greatest song ever to be released by Eminem was Stan which featured Dido in the album The Marshalls that was released in 2000. The lyrics the song are all about his life of tragedy and sadness while living in heinous crimes.


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