How to Find songs and the lyrics online?
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How to Find songs and the lyrics online?

Published at 02/27/2012 05:45:58


How to Find songs and the lyrics online?

Often, we can’t shake a particular song out of our minds because the lyrics and tune keep playing in our heads over and over again. It drives us crazy when we start singing the first few lines and cannot continue because we do not know the rest of the song. One of the easiest and fastest ways to find songs and the lyrics is to search for them online. Gone are the days when we would reach for a song book and sing to our hearts’ content humming our favorite melodies. Now, we can search for the music and the lyrics with a few clicks of the mouse.

Step 1

Use search engines. It does not matter if you don’t know the title of the song or the artist. The fastest way to pull out the song and the lyrics online is to type in a few keywords of the music. Provided you know a few lines of the melody, you will be able to retrieve the lyrics. The refrain part should do the trick as this is the portion of the song that is repeated several times.

Step 2

Check music and lyrics websites. If a lyrics search will not yield results using the few keywords you have, try to check sites that are dedicated to songs and the lyrics. There are many websites out there that provide the song and the lyrics as a free download. The songs can be played and the lyrics are displayed as a block of text that you can follow. You can even send the song as a ring tone to your mobile phones.

Step 3

Use voice recognition apps. When you have no clue at all what the title of the song is or the artist who sang it, use voice recognition apps. Examples of these apps are Shazam and MusicID. Activate the software when your fave tune is being played and it will tell you the title and artist. From there, you could look up the lyrics online.

Step 4

Find a tune and the lyrics using your own voice. Midomi is a software that you can install on your computers. Hum the tune and it will compare the list of songs that it has on the data base or search on the web. You can also play a short music clip that you record and it starts searching for a match.

Step 5

Get help from social media sites. Social media sites are other means to find the songs and the lyrics bugging you. If you are desperate to find that music, you can upload a short recording of the song humming the tune and users will help you identify it. Give all the details that you have such as the language, male or female singer, and the theme of the song. It will not yield instant answers, but you might get lucky. Spreading the word around on video-sharing sites will help people name the song and eventually, find the lyrics.


How to Find songs and the lyrics online?

When nothing works, go down to the store and get the traditional songbook. It might cost you a but, if you want to get the music out of your head and sing the lyrics, it’s worth paying for those few bucks.

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