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How to find lyrics a child can understand

How to Find Lyrics a Child Can Understand

Children are essential in a family for they bring a sense of joy and responsibility to the parents and the family as a whole. It is therefore important if you have a child, its needs have to be catered for.  Education is one of the basic needs of a child and it should therefore be provided. There are different ways in which a child can learn and the use of music and its lyrics is such way. There are different types of children songs that you will find in the current world and it is important that the child learn and understand them.

When finding lyrics a child can understand, it is imperative that you base on the needs of the child. One should not impose certain lyrics but rather provide lyrics that a child is interested in and can understand. This therefore means that children songs offer a better chance when it comes to finding these lyrics. There are arrays of these songs that you will come across. There are those songs that are sung in church, school, when playing or lullabies.  In case your child is interested in the lyrics of any of the aforementioned genres of children songs, then here are ways you can find them;

Step 1

The best way to find lyrics that a child can understand is online. The use of internet has made it easy if not possible to find these lyrics. You can be able to find them using your mobile phone, PC, laptop or even tablet. It has to be noted that there are some devices such as televisions that have embraced the use of internet. You can also make use of them to find these lyrics.

Step 2

With your internet enabled devices, access the internet. This will lead you to a search engine that you are using on your device. Search engine such as Google, Bing and yahoo are highly recommended for the results they offer are useful and up to date.

Step 3

Prior to using these search engines means that you should be aware of the song, artists, or any other details that will help you find it with ease.

Step 4

Use this information in the search tab on the search engine and click ‘search’ to get the results. It is obvious that various sites that have this lyrics will appear, hence you can select on the ones that you think has the best option.


With high speed internet, you can download the lyrics (as well as the video in case it is available) and store it in your device or any other place of your choice. With these lyrics, your child can be able to sing the song and read the lyrics to get well acquainted with the song.

You need to be aware that it is possible to get and download these lyrics for free or by paying a certain fee.  This is based on your needs and what you want to achieve at the end of the search.

By Raphael Raphael, published at 01/13/2012
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