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Justin Beiber Baby Lyrics


Justin Bieber is the biggest pop sensation to come out of Canada since Avril Lavigne. He was born in London, Ontario, Canada. His song “Baby” is the most viewed video on YouTube. His baby lyrics were released from his debut album My World 2.0. Ludacris, a famous American rap star performs in the video with Justin Bieber. It is Justin’s biggest hit to date. It hit the charts in France, United Kingdom, United States and many other countries including his home and birthplace, Canada.


Justin wrote the baby lyrics with Christopher Stewart, also known as Tricky and Terius Nash, also known as The Dream. Ludacris also helped write the song. The baby lyrics first premiered on MuchMusic in December 2009. The baby lyrics are very upbeat and even though the chorus repeats the words baby, baby, baby over and over again, it turned out to be a big hit.

Ludacris starts singing the baby lyrics after the second verse. He does the verse in a rap. Bieber has a sweet soulful voice and it has been said that Justin sings just as good as Michael Jackson did when he was Bieber’s age. The baby lyrics are a role model for pre-teens and Justin is one of the best role models for teens of his age and younger. The song gives us puppy love lyrics that work for this day and age.

A music video was produced in January 2010. The song is all about wooing a girl and the heart break of a relationship that has gone awry. The love interest in the video was played by Jasmine Villegas. The main portion of the video was shot in a bowling alley but there are shots of Justin doing the moonwalk and hanging out with Ludacris.


There really isn’t much that is special about the chorus of Justin Bieber’s baby lyrics but they do seem to get stuck in your head after listening to them. The chorus is contagious. Ludacris doing the video with Justin adds a welcome twist to the song. Ludacris adds a layer of maturity to Justin’s performance. The baby lyrics are also Ludacris’ biggest song since his song “Runaway Love”. The baby lyrics were played on American and Canadian airwaves and it went to double-platinum status in August 2010. In April 2011, the song was downloaded over 3 million times and that was just in the United States.

Tips and comments

As much as we love or hate Justin Bieber, he does have a very bright future ahead of himself. He is very young still. He just turned 18 years old. He is very talented and his albums have sold about 8 million worldwide.

With any young star, there are controversies or made up facts about Justin Bieber such as the fact that he has already died several times and that he is the father of a baby. Jealousy plays a big part in these controversies as there are so many people in the world that wish they were in Justin Biebers shoes and know they never will be.

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