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How To Write Remix Lyrics

Published at 04/05/2012 20:39:04


The remix lyrics writing initiative has been taken a long time ago during the 60’s from where it has said to be originated from. These, however, were made to sound different from their original versions by adding a variety of effects to them. These effects would be delaying the tape or either the spring reverb. They also tried to remix the song by cutting it and then later on rearranging each separate entity to a newer version of the original.

Step 1

Through song remixes it is possible to change the song’s meaning as well as giving it a different and a much more unique stature. The emotional factor as well as feel and the style of the song can be changed by converting it into a remix. This can be brought about by mixing the melodies, changing the subject matter and adding additional factors.

Step 2

The remixer uses the already existing base of the song to create new ones; they cannot be withheld in any way. The original song base is usually inserted with the lyrics to create new songs. The remixer has to be very diligent in selecting the right pieces so that all the lyrics are in harmony yet possess different meaning from the each other.

Step 3

The first step in writing remix lyrics is to select the right track. This is the most crucial aspect of writing the remix lyrics because this is a derivative art and it cannot come into existence from out of nowhere. The original track mix should be taken directly from the CD. If several separate pieces of songs are taken then it would be much easier to write the song’s remix lyrics.

Step 4

The remix lyrics also depend on the type of remix the remixer is planning on doing. Some people prefer to use the real thing while some will just prefer on repeating the phrases of the song they are originally working on. They can however, change the feel of the song by adding rhythms at all the right places.

Step 5

The next step is to analyze what is being worked on; the song track that is to be worked on. Scrutinize all the material that is present and then the work of dissecting and then pruning of the unwanted phrases. After this the remix lyrics should be organized into a regular pattern.


After the remix lyrics have been organized into a form of a regular song, experimenting with the audio should be brought about. All the effects that are present in the audio editing software should be applied and the one that fits the best on each remix lyrics should be the chosen one.

Sources and Citations

After the audio editing, the remix should be reconstructed the song that is remixing it. The tone should be selected. Usually the original tone is used but sometimes the individual can use his own tone. The vocals can be layered with the stanza over a fraction of the chorus. This can be done again and again until the remix lyrics hit the right chord.