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How To Write a Lyrics Remix


A song is known for its lyrics and composition. Lyrics define the song and lyrics remix adds spice to an existing song. Writing the lyrics remix of a song is quite a creative task as one needs to make the existing song sound more attractive and to draw the attention of the audience.

Step 1

The original lyrics for a music is written with a free mind letting the words come out from the inner soul according to the tempo, the mood of the song is planned. Sometimes the lyrics are written before the music composition whereas at times lyrics are written after the music composition.

Step 2

Lyrics remix is often enjoyed, where as some times songs are liked in their original tone. People need to be creative and very live when they plan to remix the lyrics of a particular song. Lyrics remix needs to follow some certain steps which are going to be mentioned as the article proceeds. Through lyrics remix the feeling and emotion of the song can be changed as well as the style can be changed by adding extra elements to the song. The re-mixer often focuses on certain elements more and rearranges different parts of the song to give it a new remix look.

Step 3

The following steps should be kept in mind when a lyrics remix is done. Firstly be wise in choosing the right track. It is very important to choose the right track as this affects the output and impact of the lyrics remix. A best lyrics remix can be done with the original audio, directly from the vocalist, it makes remixing easier, and it will also improve the sound.

Step 4

After that, recognize the phrases in the songs that are like the most, and what type of changing is going to be done like adding extra rhythm. This is how the feeling of the song can be changed. Lyrics remix is not always a success in the first go, so many tries are made with different experiments.

Step 5

Try all the possible ideas and rhythms and instruments and repeat till the best tone fits the lyrics. The next step that is to be followed in lyrics remix is the reconstruction which is actually the remix step.


The tempo is decided and with the help of a looping software and then the music is reconstructed. The flow of the song is usually kept the same starting from in intro and ending up with chorus followed by the bridge and verses.

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Effects and rhythms are usually added between them breaking the song into bits. Experiments are carried out again and again till a masterpiece is made out of the original song. After the lyrics remix is made, it is transferred onto an AIFF file after which it is converted into mp3 and distributed to be heard.

One can enjoy in the field of music, composing and editing and playing differently around with lyrics, transforming their tempo and tone into a much better version to be heard and enjoyed!

By Vlad Dake, published at 04/05/2012
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