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Whether youre a superior artist or recently starting out in the game, the most important thing that every rapper and singer requires is lyrics. If youre an extra advanced artist, this is definite to help you additional in your ride to the top if you have got lyrics. Though, if youre a learner, this guide will project you to the next level in almost no time.

Step 1

Reading is the first pathway to get better lyrics. It not only boosts your Rap skills, but it will also improve your vocabulary. If you have an improved vocabulary it means u have got lyrics, you as a rapper, singer, or songwriter will be able to express yourself a lot more freely, confidently, and exactly. The majority people only use a definite amount of words per day, even in a life span.

Step 2

Just as reading is important to get better lyrics, writing is also a fundamental part. Whether its a complete song, a stanza, or a few punch-lines, if you want to be the best rapper or singer, you need to write on daily basis whatever lyrics you have got. Even if it look like you have not got better lyrics. The more you hard work with writing, the better your rhymes will turn out to be. Just put on your preferred instrumentals, vibe to them, and write anything comes to you. It doesn't actually matter what you're writing, just do it to the extent that is possible.


Step 3

Though you might not be acquainted with this, but free styling can help you get better lyrics. Free styling is an art form that tends one to think on His/her feet, have fluidity, and continually be artistic. It wont matter a lot whether you're a beginner or an expert.

Step 4

A better idea is to choose a subject and then write. Defy yourself, escape through your ease zone, and try different styles of writing. The probability that you have got better lyrics increases when you write on daily basis.

Step 5

Imagine for a moment if you write 15 or added new words, and be able to use them correctly in a sentence, it means you have got lyrics and now you be able to strike the studio to record one of your songs, youll sound like an advanced artist. The fundamental step to a song is when you have got lyrics.

Tips and Comments

The most important thing to do on top of everything is to pay attention to artists who have great lyrics. Like an old saying "You are what you eat," it also fits that "You are what you listen to". Most of times when you start writing, you be likely to sound more like the artists that you listen to the most. Overcrowding other artists with perfect lyrics regularly will inspire you and drive you to work harder to until you have got lyrics.


By Khurram Hussain, published at 04/04/2012
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