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How To Copyright My Lyrics

Published at 01/24/2012 15:53:27

Copyrighting lyrics for free

As we all know copyright is something that protects the academic property from getting used without the owner’s permission or copyright owner’s compensation. Anybody who violates a copyright law will be punished by law which includes jail punishment accompanied by fines. Any work created by the original creator gets automatically protected under the law of copyright and hence it comes free of charge or there is no charge for copyright. This law or copyright protections generally goes applicable to music, books, lyrics, short stories, sculptures, movies, paintings, drawings, software and almost all other intellectual properties. For ensuring highest level of protection it’s ideal that you should record the date on which you have done the copyright of my lyrics. This article takes you to different ways of registering your creations without any charge.

Step 1

Copyright Registration Officially

Even though each creation of my lyrics is protected by copyright immediately always registering the date of creation gives an official proof for the same. For a person who doesn’t have any idea of publishing his lyrics in public then there is no need for any registration. There is no substitute for registering my lyrics with U.S. Copyright office but then it’s your responsibility to safeguard your work. The fees for registering your lyrics with U.S. Copyright office is very minimal and this office gives you an option of registering as many as of your my lyrics as a group under the same title for the same amount of fee. When a creator is getting such valuable opportunity by registering his lyrics officially then each one of them should make use of this facility.

United States Mail Registration

Mailing your my lyrics directly to the U.S. Copyright office is another reliable option. This method has been adopted by many people for decades now and costs you only the charge of a postal stamp. The official seal from the United States post office with the official date can for sure act as the official copyright date for your lyrics. It is always advisable that you don’t open the letter once you receive and open it only in a court in the presence of a judge that too in case of any requirement or emergency to prove the copyright of my lyrics. Even though it is an aged down process or method of registration it still stays valid and proved.

Digital Verification of the lyrics

This is a process where you can use a third party storage service for doing copyright registration for free. The name is this service is called MyFreeCopyright and it is used to register my lyrics. The process is very simple and includes applying for an account, uploading my lyrics to an online database that acts as storage and the software service will mail you the required registration document. This document states the exact lyrics that you have uploaded with the date and time as a proof for copyright registration. This method is proved professional and official and always follows a verifiable registration from a third party that too free of cost.

With the various options available to copyright my lyrics you can go ahead doing the same with reliable sources and protect your valuable work for ages.