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How To Find Beautiful Lyrics Of Love Songs Online.

Published at 01/31/2012 16:12:24

How to find beautiful lyrics of love songs online

Have you ever heard a beautiful song on the elevator, car, restaurant, and store or on the radio and it stuck on your mind? It had such beautiful lyrics that grew on you knew you had to get your hands on them just to know the exact words the singer was going on about. This is especially if the music is moving too fast or the singer has poor diction such that you can’t get parts of the song.

Step 1

It could be that maybe you just want to practice for the next time you go out for karaoke with your friends or sing at a wedding and you want to memorize the lyrics. Now thanks to advances of internet technology you no longer have to guess the lyrics of a song since you can easily find the beautiful lyrics online.

Search for beautiful lyrics online by using on the search engines Google, yahoo and Bing. Type the key words ‘song lyrics’ then add the artist’s name, the year the song was produced or the title of the song as it will help narrow down your search. When writing the title of the songs make sure to surround it with quotes to make the search easier .e.g. , “Beyonce single ladies” song lyrics.

Step 2

Click on the search button or the enter key on your keyboard then choose the results that appeals to you from the search engines. Follow the instructions on the sites on how to get beautiful lyrics that you are looking for. If the site does not prove useful you can click on the back button and choose another option. Avoid personal blogs as some bloggers don’t normally write the correct lyrics of songs.

You can also visit reputable sites that are known to put the correct song lyrics of different songs for example

Step 3

Some bands also put song lyrics of their music on their websites for their fans to enjoy so it is also a good place to search for beautiful lyrics. This is for the case where you want the beautiful lyrics of more than one song of that band. In this case you type in the artists name and the word lyrics e.g. “Beyonce lyrics”. This will lead you to their official websites which is most likely to be the correct lyrics since the artists are the one having it put on the site.



There are also music download websites and some record labels that provide the beautiful lyrics to latest releases as a way of wooing fans to buy the music. They put the lyrics with complete information concerning the musician and that particular song which may help you understand the lyrics even more.

In the sites like, the,,,, you have the option of entering just the title of the song in their search options in the case where you can’t remember the artist’s name. These sites will search its database ad come up with the beautiful lyrics like yours if not exactly like yours.

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