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How to find music with song lyrics

Published at 01/13/2012 14:00:20

How to Find Music with Song Lyrics

Finding music with song lyrics has with no doubt become the trend today. This is attributed to the fact that many music lovers not only want to listen o their favorite song but also want to sing along sing the song at any given time of their choice.  This has indeed ensured that finding music with song lyrics has become a common task with many people.

Step 1

The use of internet has also played a vital role in ensuring that people find the music of their choice as well as with the lyrics. It has to be noted that the internet has definitely changed the way people communicate and interact with one another in many ways. This has also been applied to music in a way that people can easily find the music they are looking for together with the lyrics.

Step 2

The world has changed especially when it comes to technology. The arrival of the internet age and internet enabled devices has greatly contributed to the listenership of music and getting acquainted with the lyrics. Compared to the previous years, the modern world is much far ahead when it comes to finding music and their lyrics. This is because there are array of websites that are dedicated to ensuring that these songs together with their lyrics are available to those who need them.

Step 3

Websites such as YouTube are renowned when it comes to music and can offer much needed help in finding the music that one needs. Here, one will not only find the music and lyrics alone, but can also watch the video of the song (in case it has a video), download and even leave a comment about the music. Nevertheless, here are some easy ways to find music with song lyrics.



1)      With internet enabled devices such as Personal computer (PC), laptop, tablet, mobile phones, iPhone or iPad, get online.

2)      Basing on the kind of search engine that your device is compatible with (though most of these devices are compatible with most search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing among others) find the music that you need. This can be done by making use of the search tab on the search engine. One can type the name of the song, the artist, album or date of release of the song.

3)      The search engines will provide various options of websites that offer the song and lyrics.

4)      Select on the result that you deem most convenient by clicking on it. This will take you to the website that has the song. Click on play for the song to start play as the lyrics appear on the screen.

5)      One can download the song and the lyrics, listen or write them down for easy understanding.

6)      In case the website does not offer the exact song and lyrics that you wanted, get back to the results and look for a better option.

7)      It has to be noted that most sites offer the song and lyrics for free to lure traffic while other might charge some little fee.