How songs download works?
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How songs download works?

Published at 03/02/2012 03:49:17


How songs download works?

Music is an intrinsic part of everyone’s culture such that the industry, helped by technologies, has also evolved through the years. Decades before, we were using vinyl records, CD's, and cassette tapes. We had to buy them in a mortar and brick store or borrow a friend’s music collection and listen to those. With the advent of the internet, we can do a lot of things while on the computer and even buy songs download. They are available on the web as a free or a paid download.

Step 1

Make sure that you have a media player installed on your computer. Even if you have songs download already, you can’t listen to them unless there’s a player device in your computer. Get updates to ensure that music and videos are displayed correctly.

Step 2

Surf on the net where songs download are available. There are plenty of sites where you can purchase them for a small fee. You can buy them off Amazon, iTunes, or Rhapsody. Compare the prices and then select the music that you want. Free songs download are also available on file sharing sites.

Step 3

Scroll through the menu if there are other songs that you would also like to buy. Usually, songs are categorized by artist, titles and genre. Newly released songs, top hits, oldies and chart breakers help you narrow choices.

Step 4

Open an account. If you are new to buying songs download, open an account first. It does not take long to create one. Registration forms ask for your first and last name, valid email address, physical address, and billing address.

Step 5

Choose your songs download from the menu. You can buy them one after the other, or put them in a queue. It is also possible to get an entire album or a few songs from each one. Watch out for sales on songs download as you can also make a good deal from this.

Step 6

Click on the buy button. Shopping for songs download is the same as buying anything online. You browse through the selection, put them in your cart, and click the buy button.

Step 7

Pay for the download songs. You can choose from a variety of payments available such as credit cards or payment processors (PayPal, AlertPay). In other instances, you can apply gift cards (codes) in various denominations. Once you redeem gift cheques to pay for songs download, the balance remains in your account till the next time you use it. Expiration dates vary, but most do not have cut-off dates once redeemed. You can also top them off by using new gift cards.

Step 8

Click the download button. The download instructions differ across each site. In most sites, the files are downloaded automatically to your computer’s media player or your music folder, ready to be played. Others ask you to specify a folder location.

Step 9

Transfer songs download. Once you have all the music you bought, you can also transfer them to external devices such as mp3 players, mobile phone, flash drive or an external hard disk. You can burn them on CD's as well, but there are limits as to the number of times you can burn or copy them.


How songs download works?

Note that songs download are protected by intellectual property rights. Therefore, it is illegal to extract songs from the net without paying for them.

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