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How to download songs free on your cell phone

Published at 01/13/2012 12:33:33

How to Download Songs Free On Your Cell Phone

Songs are an important part in the life of human beings. This is because they are not only used for entertainment purposes but also for education, information and other uses. There are many genres of music that one will come across in the modern world. This is attested to the fact that many people have different preferences when it comes to music. It is therefore important to have the preferences of all these people satisfied.

In the current world, people not only want to listen to the song, they also want to store the song(s) by having them on their devices such as cell phones. There are many ways in which one can get songs for free on their cell phones and downloading is one of them.

Downloading songs free on your cell phone has been made easier than before. This is attributed to the internet and other technologies that work hand in hand. In the past years, downloading songs was not possible since the use of intent had not been embraced in the entire world. The situation has however been changed in the current world where most people have access to internet and use it to heed for their daily activities.

You need to note that downloading songs free on your cell phone has been made simple than you think. This is because most of the cell phones are internet enabled which is a key feature. Here are some tips on how to go about this whole process.

Step 1

How to download

 With an internet enabled cell phone, access the internet using the internet application. Using your preferred search engines like Bing, Yahoo or Google, find websites that offer the song(s) that you desire. This is done by typing the name of the song in the search tab of the search engine. You can type the song, the artist (musician), album, date of release, producer or recording company or any other information that you have about the song.

Step 2

By clicking ‘search’, the search tab will provide various results of websites      that have these songs. It has to be noted that you will more than one website that offers this options. Select on one that you deem is close to what you need.

Step 3

Clicking on the result will directly take you to the site that has the song that you wish to download. It is important that you watch the song (in case it is video) first before downloading or in case it is audio, listen to it first. This will help you determine if it the kind of song that you want.

Step 4

Click on the download option on the homepage and the song will start downloading.  You need to ensure that your internet is quite fast to ensure quick downloading. Save the song in the folder or file of your choice on your cell phone.


You need to be cautious when it comes to free downloads for some might have hidden charges and yet the claim to be free or worse yet it maybe a malicious virus, thus always be cautious.

Step 5