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How to record my songs on cd

Published at 01/18/2012 21:59:25

Why song burning is so easy today?

Most computer models these days come with CD/DVD writer drive. This makes people easily record or burn songs their ‘my songs’ collection into a blank CD. There is much number of software made for song-burning to CDs that usually come as compressed with a computer system. A wide range of options and choices are available in the market to pick out. Some popular examples include iTunes and Windows Media Player that effectively burn your songs to a CD. Windows Explorer is recognized as the simplest way to burn songs into CDs.

However, there are many people who still don’t know how to record songs on CD. This article will help them recognize the steps and methods to be followed and software to be used for song-burning.

Step 1

Insert a Blank CD

First of all, you need to buy a blank CD of good storage capacity to store your ‘my songs’ collection and then insert the same to the CD/DVD writer drive of the computer system. There are many shops and companies supplying blank CDs of different storage capacities at cheap rates. Buy an appropriate one and also ensure that it is from the reliable sources. Your computer protection is also important and so; check the CD with your anti-virus software even though it is a blank CD. It is important to check the CD prior to recording and making sure it is empty or has adequate space for the song.

Use Windows Explorer

Of the many tools and software, Windows Explorer is considered to be the best and simple way to burn ‘my songs’ collection into a CD. When you have inserted a blank CD, the next step is to open Windows Explorer and determine the location of the songs you would like to burn. Once you selected the songs, click the ‘burn’ option on the top menu in the Windows Explorer. This software will direct you safely and carefully towards the CD/DVD writer drive and show you if any sound files are already recorded. This will be showed under ‘Files currently on the Disc’ in the left panel of the CD. Your selected songs will be shown under ‘Files Ready to be written to Disc’.

Choose from the CD writer drive options

When you have clicked on ‘burn’ option, the top menu will show many options to choose from. It will include ‘burn to disc, erase this disc, and delete temporary files’. You need to select ‘Burn to Disc’. Then Windows Explorer will burn your ‘my songs’ collection to the blank CD and let you know when the process is successfully finished.

Hence, your ‘my songs’ collection is now on your CD. This is a very simple process that most people are unaware about. When you place a CD in your computer drive it often activates various options on your system. It has become a standard pastime that inserting CDs and recording your favorite music collection. You are allowed to enjoy music in many ways if you have written music to CDs. You can write a growing or rare collection of music to CDs.