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Where to find music and songs online

Published at 01/18/2012 22:43:15

Goodbye to local music stores

Gone are the days when you waited for days before your local music stores to get the releasing album of your favorite artist. But when you purchase the album and find that the only good song on the whole album is the one that you were signing for weeks. This is the main reasons for why people said goodbye to local music and songs stores. People are disgusted purchasing a whole album for good amounts just hear one great song and other mediocre songs. This is where music and songs downloading software plays their vital role. There are many renowned and recognized programs that have extremely changed the music industry. Today, people can download their favorite songs online. Most music lovers said goodbye to buying crappy albums. Nevertheless, with online music comes with the perils of free viruses. This is where your research comes into play. Research the net and determine where you can find virus-free songs to download.

Step 1

How to determine the safest site


Determining the safest site to download music includes certain careful steps. First of all, you need to comprehend how these sites work. Majority of music download sites are based on a P2P network. Well, P2P is a network standing for peer to peer network. This often means that people in the world are uploading their music and songs on websites so other users can download it. Therefore, if the music files they are uploading are infected with harmful viruses, then that viruses are downloaded to the free music website to you. Hence, people who upload music may have no idea about their files are infected and the downloader also won’t know which files has been infected. There are also some fraud people uploading such infected files deliberately. Hence, how can you determine your downloaded music files are virus-free?


Since you know that protected, P2P music download websites don’t exist, what safety measures can you assume to make your online music search friendlier?

  • If you are happened to download music and songs that are doubtful, never click on the run or open option. If you do so, your entire system will be infected. What you must do is click save, scan with your anti-virus software, and wait till it finds viruses that exist in the file. Once your scan came back with ‘No’ results, enjoy your music to the fullest.
  • While downloading music files, remember to avoid downloading wacky titles. For instance, if you want to download Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ then you should download precisely that ‘Thriller’. Avoid downloading Thriller 1.2 or Thriller 1 as these files could certainly be a virus.
  • A normal mp3 song file size is around 6 MB and this is about a 4.5 minute song. Therefore, if you find any songs way off the 6 MB size, then stay away from it.

Online channels

There are a myriad of online sources where you can find your favorite music and songs to download. Check for safety with available measures and then download same to your system.