How to download songs from Internet
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How to download songs from Internet

Published at 01/21/2012 07:35:34


How to download songs from Internet

There are different types of songs from different artists and they can be categorized by genre. Some of the most popular genres are songs from Hip hop, Blues, Country, Rhythm & Blues, Rock and Jazz genres. Songs from all the aforementioned genres can be downloaded from the internet in different formats or file types including; MP3, AAC, WMA and M4A. Ringtones can also be downloaded for most of the available songs from the internet and used as cell phone ringtones.

 Downloading songs from the internet has become very easy and convenient. This has been made possible by the development of many web sites where songs from various genres and artists are posted and can be downloaded for free or at a small fee which is within reach to many. The internet has transformed how the world communicates and transacts business in a major way. For music lovers the internet offers them an opportunity to listen to their favorite music and download songs from different artists or genres sometimes without even paying for it.


Step 1

It was quite hard to get a hold of a song before the advent of the internet especially if it was popular, a classic or sold out in music stores.  Nowadays, it’s possible for anyone to search for songs from the internet even if they are classics, sold out or popular. Numerous websites are available that post a wide variety of songs from different genres and artists making it possible for music lovers to download any song they want.

Step 2

Currently most websites offer free listening and downloading of songs from the internet online in order to attract user traffic to their sites.

However, some websites charge for downloading or listening to songs online. In most cases they usually charge a small fee which is within reach to many. The payment can be done using PayPal, Money bookers, VISA or MasterCard just to mention a few. 

Step 3

You may find it difficult to download song from the internet if you are not computer savvy. This should not worry you since its quiet easy for anyone to do this by just following a few instructions.  There are also sites like listentomusiconlinefree, grooveshark, jango, mediafire whereby you only need to open the site and type the name of the song you want, a list of results will appear, click on the one you like and immediately you start listening or downloading the songs from the website.

You can find almost any music on this earth with a reliable internet connection, be it on your personal computer, laptop, mobile phone, or IPod just to mention a few. Many devices today that are internet enabled are available making it possible to search and download songs from the internet through them.

By visiting some of the sites and using the tips listed below, you will in a better position on how to download songs from the internet in just a matter of minutes.


How to download songs from Internet


1.       Go online and visit search engines such as Google, Live Search or Ask among many others.

2.       Type the title of song from the genre you want in the search engine.

3.       Add the name of the artist and the release date of the album to help narrow down your search even further.

4.     Use your mouse or press enter on the keyboard to click the search button in order submit the query.

5.       You will be provided with a list of websites from the search. Click on the website that indicates or displays the song you’re looking for.

6.       Go through the website to search for the particular song from the website.

7.       Click on the download button if it is available to download the song or right click on the song and on the menu that pops up click on “Save As” and save the song. Different browsers will display different menus on right click for example, on; internet explorer click on “ Save taget as” , on Opera click on “Save to download folder” to save the song from the website.

8.        Alternatively follow the download instructions displayed on the site and when using your credit card to make payments on online, ensure that the website provides a secure payment portal in order to prevent fraud.

9.       If you don’t find what you are looking for, there is always the option of going back to the search results of the songs from the search engine and selecting another website.


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