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How to download free songs for ipod

Published at 01/21/2012 11:56:41

How to download free songs for iPod

The modern world has witnessed radical transformations with regards to the musical world. Consequently, these changes have duly happened in every sub-section of the music industry. Inevitably, the transformations aimed at simplifying the way people get to access and listen to their favorite music. For instance, musical instruments have transformed from the manual format. Nowadays, many musicians use digital means to construe a musical beat. Additionally, the changes in the music sector have reached the storage section.

Step 1

The storage section includes the methods of storing musical content for enjoyment at a convenient time. In this regard, numerous technologies have emerged to help people store their favorite music. The cassette led the way before CDs took over afterwards. Additionally, computers have emerged as portent forms of music storage. Its functionality has received a boost from the presence of internet. Thus, people can access free download songs and save them directly into their PCs.

Step 2

Nevertheless, the entrance of iPods into the market has put the popularity of computers into jeopardy. In this regard, the device bore the characteristic of portability. Consequently, iPod owners could listen to their music while working. Additionally, internet connectivity would enable them to access free download songs. Subsequently, the device functions like a computer, where people can ferry content onto it via a USB cable.

Step 3

The device’s parent company, Apple Inc, has released four versions of iPod, which vary in features. These versions include the iPod classic, nano, shuffle and touch. All of them enable people to get free download songs via the internet. There exist numerous advantages that result from acquiring free download songs as opposed to buying from the store. Obviously, such fanatics will be able to acquire their music for free. Secondly, they possess a sense of pride at being the first people to access a new musical material.

Step 4

Additionally, the internet exists as a platform where people can access free download songs of unknown artists. This situation emanates from the liberal nature of the internet. Subsequently, people who wish to download songs onto their iPods should worry less about the tidbits. In this regard, they must adhere to certain steps when saving free download songs onto these portable devices.


  1. Form a new folder on your computer meant for the free download songs. The location of the folder can range from “My Documents” to the desktop. Name the folder as per the wishes of the owner.
  2. Scour the internet for free download songs websites. Check out for the legality of websites to avoid violating copyright laws.
  3. Transport the new downloaded files to the iTunes library. Begin the process by selecting “Add File” option. Choose the desired folder and confirm the process. The iTunes library will bear the free download songs in its selected folder.
  4. Synchronize the iPod to receive the free download songs into its folders. However, connect it to the computer first before alignment. Alternatively, initiate the auto-sync option then wait for the process to work out by itself.
  5. Finaly, play the song on your ipod to make sure it was downloaded successfully.