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How to write a love song for a spouse

Published at 01/25/2012 07:21:10


A love song for your spouse is a simple and affordable way to communicate your feelings to your beloved. Writing each other love songs is an effective way to keep the passion alive and shows your spouse that you actually put your time and energy into it . A love song for a spouse would make for a great anniversary or birthday gift. Here are some tips for writing a romantic love song for your spouse

Step 1

Think back to when you first met
Go back in time to the days when you first met and remember how you felt when you saw them or met them. Write down the little things about them that attracted you the most. Try to give specific details and avoid generalization .For example instead of saying that they are beautiful and leaving it at that, tell them how you love that thing they do when they are mad or happy.
Be honest
In your love song for your spouse do not write down things that are not true to make them feel nice or just to finish your song. Be truthful about what qualities you truly admire and love about them. Be honest about your feelings towards them and this way, you do not have to think too much about what to write ;the words will easily flow.

Step 2

Avoid clichés
Be original and personal so that it is clear that you spent time on that love song for them .This gesture causes the song to have some form of break through and reaches out to them . You want the person reading your love song to feel like the most important person to have entered your life not like the song could have been sang for anyone .If you borrow words, then give credit where its due. Do not try to pass them off as your own creation.
Have someone else proofread the lyrics
Read the song for your spouse to your best friend or close relative and let them give you genuine feedback. Allow them to point out what areas they think can be improved on. Put them into consideration but at the end of the day, no one understands them like you do.
Choose the medium
There are plenty of effective ways to present a song for your loved one to them. Presentations can be done in person, recorded on video or audio .Choose the medium that you are most comfortable with. Performing a love song for a loved one in person gives it a true personal touch but a recorded medium allows them to keep your performance for future reference.

Step 3

Learn to play an instrument
To write your own music you will need to be able to play a musical instrument like a guitar or keyboard. Once you have a chorus and a verse written you can start creating music that goes along with the words.
Have fun
Work only for brief periods of time, experimenting with different melodies and chords until you get the right sound for your song. Do not put so much pressure on yourself. Remember its all supposed to be a fun thing to do. Your spouse appreciates the effort put into it .Try get creative and funny even.


A great way to end a love song is by sharing your hopes for the future. Tell them what you see and hope for the two of you .This way, you assure them that you are ready to do your part in the relationship.

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