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Published at 04/06/2012 00:58:30


We songs are songs about love, friendship, and other relationships. They speak to our hearts and souls as we search out the meaning to life, love, and friendship. So many times we songs can bring remembrance to our hearts or make us smile as we think on a loved one or friend.  There are so many we songs in the music world, some great numbers that speak from the heart and soul and remind us of how good life can truly be if we stop and remember. It is important to take time and remember these wonderful we songs so that we can celebrate music and enjoy our relationships. We can learn from the past and lean to the future. We songs can change your heart and mind and give you a place of belonging in an often chaotic world. Embrace these beautiful songs and sit back and enjoy the memories they provoke.


One of the best known we songs is "We Are the World". This is a song that was written by Michael Jackson. Is was written when Africa was truly suffering from famine in the hopes that money could be raised to make a difference in the lives of the children. This is so vital to the way the world was feeling at the time of this great recording with so many talented musicians and songsters.

Another great we song is "We Didn't Start the Fire". This is a great tune written and performed by Billy Joel. It speaks of youth rebellion and how the youth didn't invent that wild spirit, that it was already there by the others before them. This is a really cool number that is still played even today.

One of the newer we songs is "We found Love" by Rhianna. This is a love song that speaks of love being found in the most peculiar and unexpected of places. It speaks of them finding love where love couldn't be found. It is a truly touching song with much weight to the words.


There are many, many more we songs out there. Some are old and some are new, but they all speak of togetherness and bonding. So many of the we songs truly speak to the heart. Some are meant to provoke action and some tell the story of life. If you are wanting to find more great we songs, you can search online for some great music references and find all of the we songs that you like. You can buy these great tunes for about one dollar each on sites like Amazon. This will help you build up your we songs collection very quickly and with little expense. Have fun searching for all of those great tunes and sing along with the greatest of we songs.

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