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the Best Song You Can Sing To Your Girlfriend

Published at 01/26/2012 16:57:45


One way to make your girlfriend feel special is by singing a song you think is the most suitable for her or the one that best describes your feelings. Throughout history, men have wooed women. Men are constantly reinventing and finding innovative ways of how to make their partner feel great. There are numerous songs written for expressing love, and if these songs cannot match the experience, there is always an option for you to write and compose your own song.


Before jumping with your feet into singing a song you have chosen, it is important to know why you would like to sing the song. Singing a song to your partner is remarkable. If there is an occasion, whether it is her birthday, your relationship anniversary, a marriage proposal or a simple date night, the purpose as to why you will sing a song should be laid out. In some cultures, it is considered a traditional way of courtship and is often stated in literature.


In singing a song you have chosen for your partner, determine which song is suited to the situation and the relationship. The single “Thousand Miles” by Vannesa Carlton would be a probable choice for people engaged in long distance relationship. You would not want to sing a song with lyrics about a break-up just because the melody sounds sweet.

At first, it is best to write down every song title, artist or album that comes into mind. When all the songs have been listed, it is important to narrow them down. Always keep in mind the bands she listens to or what type of music she likes. It would be better if there is an idea of a significant song that she relates to you. When it is narrowed down to a conventional list, it is a good idea to look into the lyrics and listen to the melody. Remember to keep in mind the kind of music she would appreciate. It does not mean that just because you enjoy a song, she would too. Look for songs she genuinely likes. In preparation, it is a good idea to drop hints and ask for her opinion about the song you are considering.

When the song is chosen, it is essential to practice singing. Looking up and memorizing the lyrics would require an extra effort. Songs are best accompanied by an instrument or a melody with it. If it would amount to a performance, it would be better to sing the song live and with a couple of musicians, or simply a serenade. Most songs performed through a serenade are done during quiet evenings and usually for special occasions. Some people would prefer a live acoustic guitar and would go the extra mile to learn the song, but others would choose an mp3 player as accompaniment while singing.

Tips and comments

The important thing is to prepare and practice before singing the song you have finally chosen. When the time for you to sing is near, keep calm and collected. Do your best to not get pressured because you might forget the lyrics or the timing. When it is time to sing the song, just enjoy the moment. The most important of all is that the song comes from the heart.