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Songs For Weddings

Published at 01/25/2012 20:14:57


We all know that a great romantic song can change the mood and feeling of a place. Music a powerful ability to alter our moods. That’s why its important to be careful when selecting songs for weddings. You want your wedding, first dance, reception and after-party to have the right mood. The wedding is a more solemn and yet emotional affair. But the after-party is a loud, fun upbeat event. So you have to select music that is appropriate to the setting. Some of the songs for weddings which are very popular are slow and soothing with romantic lyrics such as the song Let’s Stay Together by Al Green.


The artist Al Green offers a great variety of songs for couples who trying to decide which songs to play at their wedding for the first dance. Al Green has a great swooning voice which gives his soul music the ability to melt even the hardest hearted individual. Soul music is very easy to dance to due to the usually slow and repetitive beat as so is suggested for the first dance. Another great artist which features lots of slow romantic songs is Norah Jones. Her songs such as Come Away With Me is just one of the many which have that slow romantic touch. If you want songs for a first dance then Norah Jones and Al Green are to options which you should surely consider. If you are not a big Soul and R&B music fan then there are some country musicians who have slow songs which are also appropriate for first dances. But it is only good to use country music for the first dance if you are comfortable with being associated with cowboys, cows and the Wild West.


Songs For Weddings

Now the next thing you have to choose songs for is the wedding reception. There is going to be speeches, food, photos and mingling all going on at the same time. So you have to choose music which going to allow all of those above activities to happen smoothly. It is important to choose songs which fit the guests attending also. If you are marrying someone from another culture then it might be necessary to include some music from his or her country. But you don’t want the music you choose to be just about the guests attending. The music should also be an expression of you and your tastes and preferences in music. So the songs for the reception should be a mix of what you like but at the same time keeping in mind what sort of guests will be attending.

Tips and comments

Now with all that said a great song for background music during the reception is (Everything I Do) I Do it for You by Bryan Adams. Other songs for consideration are Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley, These Arms of Mine by Otis Reading and You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker. For the after-party and dancing more upbeat songs like Mambo No. 5 by Lou Bega or Beat It by Michael Jackson are musts.