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How Songs Get Recorded

Published at 01/26/2012 21:49:18


In past if someone liked to record his own music than he had to go to a recording studio and had to pay for all the facilities. At present time technology has changed all that. Now everyone can make recording of his or her song easily. Advent of recording programs has made it possible.

Songs get recorded easily when having some knowledge; even a computer having low power can do this with the help of right instruments and software. It is now possible for me to make a high quality recording using MIC or line in jack of computer .The line in jack is usually great for recording audio from another source such as a mixer or a CD player while MIC is good choice when you are recording directly from computer microphone.


Audio hardware for recording:

The first thing that I need is a computer with a decent processor. The second thing I need is a microphone. There are many microphones available in market. Professional USB microphone is great choice and available as cheap as 20$ to 50$. Recording interfaces vary by their power and by number of microphone inputs that they include. Recording interfaces are very useful for connecting number of MICS. TASCAM's US1641 Interfaces are of high class and can handle my microphones.

Selection of Right software:

There is another important thing that I need for recording my song is suitable recording software. There is built in recording Software in Windows 7 and XP that can record a small bit of single recording. But to get a professional recording I need some third party software. The most famous programs include:

1- Adobe Audition:

Adobe Audition is advance and power software. It is stuffed with great audio effects so it is ideal for making a professional material. It is expensive but works great with all sort of audio hardware.

2- Pro Tools:

Pro Tools consist of set of professional audio tools as its name suggests. To let it work properly I need some specific audio hardware to songs get recorded. Pro Tools is very expensive to set up.


The benefit of this program is that, it is free of cost and it is as powerful as any other professional audio recording program. It is excellent choice for recording audio at home. So audacity would be better software for me as I am going to record my song at home.


Setting up recording:

After installing Audacity program, I need to make sure that right input is selected when recording through line in jack of computer. After this I need to go to control panel to manage settings of audio recording. I need click manage audio devices and then to "Hardware and Sound". The recording tab in this menu allows me to select from any microphone or line in jack that is connected to computer. I can also adjust level of sound in menu according to my needs.

Using the software:

After setting up the all the recording system, all I need is to arm track on Audacity and press the recording button. I can add piano, harmonies, guitar solos as I like. I can record more than one track on my computer. This method is called multi tracking. By adding different effects I can make perfect songs get recorded.

Tips and comments

Tips about choosing right format:

The choice of right format is very important after recording the song. There are many formats includes MP3, WMA, WAV and AAC.MP3’s are good for sharing on internet and emailing. These are measured in kilobytes.MP3 format of 192kbps is nearly equal to CD quality. In order to save space MP3 and similar formats are better for me. After recording in right format I can easily share songs get recorded on internet and email around my friends. So my songs get more popular eventually.