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The Top 5 Songs I Want For My Wedding

Published at 01/31/2012 16:18:56

Top 5 songs I want for my wedding

Weddings are special for everyone and no wedding would be complete without a wedding song to add more fun. There are many songs that people have chosen to be their special wedding song depending on their taste of music. The songs could either be played when walking down the aisle of during the first dance at the reception depending on what the couple agrees on as it is their special day.
Below are the top 5 songs I want for my wedding as they not only have beautiful instruments but lyrics as well.

1. The one that he kept for me by Maurette Brown Clark

This is one of the best Christian love songs of all time found on the album ‘The dream’ that was produced in 2007 in the United States. It’s one of the top five songs I would love for my wedding as it talks about a lover thanking his maker for saving that special person for them. The person that they now love is exactly as they pictured them in their dreams and what they asked God for in their prayers.
It’s one of the best songs I consider to be one of the best love songs as it is pure and unadulterated lyrics.

2. Amazing by Luther Vandross

The late music legend Luther Vandross is one of the best singers of all time and his music is timeless and it appeals to both the young and the old. This is a one of the songs I would definitely play in my wedding as it talks about how hoppy one is when they get the person who loves them right.
His days are filled with happiness and joy and there is nobody else in the world they would rather be with. It is one of the songs I like because it is slow and it would be ideal for woman walking down the aisle.

3. For you by Kenny Latimore

This song is one of the most played songs in weddings yearly. It is one of the songs I wound want for my wedding because it has beautiful lyrics and instruments. The lyrics are about a lover promising their partner that they would do anything for them and that nothing is impossible. It is strong yet romantic and communicates emotionally to everyone who believes in love.

4. Halo by Beyonce

This is one of the songs I love from Beyonce album. It is talks about someone having the walls she built around her after a bad past relationship being broken down by a new lover. They can feel their “halo” surrounding them in their embrace every where they go and they hope this time this love will last.

5. This I promise you by Nsync

This is a song about a lover promising their partner that no matter what happens in life they can count on them to be by their side. It is about committing to the one you love and promising to be therefore them during the good and bad times.

These top five songs will definately get your wedding in the mood and they will make your wedding to be memorable for years and years to come, everyone in attendance will sing the tune of your wedding for many years.