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Facts About Beyonce's Top 2 Songs

Published at 01/31/2012 16:14:35

Facts about Beyonce’s top 2 songs

Beyonce is one of the best musicians in the world right now who is known for a beautiful music and electrifying live performances. She was originally of the “Destiny’s child group before she branched out to launch her solo career and her hard work ahs really paid off over the years.

There are many songs Beyonce has done with some of them winning her numerous awards and receiving recognition all over the world. Her top 2 songs are as follows:

Crazy in love (2003)

This was her breakthrough single in the album ‘Dangerously in love’ which featured her now husband Jay-Z with whom they wrote the song. It was their first collaboration and the song talks about the kind of love that makes people do what they wouldn’t normally do hence the word “crazy” on the song title. The woman is aware that she is loosing control to their lover but they don’t really care. It topped the charts in various countries where it featured among the top 2 songs.

Rich Harrison who is a Grammy-winning producer played all the instruments on this song. He also wrote the verses to the song but left the bridge for Beyonce. It includes some horn riffs which hadn’t been used in the 21st Century and Beyonce was at first skeptical about them but they eventually grew on her which makes it one of her top 2 songs for its uniqueness.

The evening before the album she had to turn the album in, they requested Jay Z to do the rap part of the music and it blended in perfectly. It was top 2 songs that topped the charts in many countries including UK and US in 2003. It won numerous awards including MTV Europe Music Award for Best song.

Single ladies (put a ring on it) 2008

This song couldn’t have come at a perfect time as it talks about the men’s fear of commitment. This song is one of the best top 2 songs as it was more about female empowerment and not merely whining about a situation. It struck a chord with the ladies especially those who have been in relationships where they didn’t get the kind of commitment they wanted. It has a call-and-response in the verses that many people enjoy dancing and singing to wherever they are be it at the club or at home.

This song was composed by Christopher Stewart, Kuk Harrell, Terius Nash and Beyonce her self and went on to achieve commercial success. It was in her third solo album titled ‘I am …Sasha Fierce’ and it became her 5th song to peak at the top 10 spot in various countries. E.g It was no 2 songs on MTV’s list of best 2008 songs, Number one on Rolling stone magazine list of Best 100 singles of 2008, BET Awards

Its one of the top 2 songs with their videos having Beyonce show her sensual side which she says is her later ego “sasha Fierce”. Her video was simple with a plain background and choreography which almost everyone can do.

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