Michael Jackson Songs: Top 20
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Michael Jackson Songs: Top 20

Published at 02/04/2012 03:00:48


Michael Jackson Songs: Top 20

Songs are the art of sounds that expresses ones emotions and ideas through the elements of rhythm, melody and harmony. There are different genre of songs - pop, hip-hop, reggae, souls. Michael Jackson is a well known icon in the music industry. Michael Jackson Songs are loved by one and all. He has written over 500 songs. His songs can be recorded on your ipod, or your iphone or MP3. He did 33 songs for the "Bad" album. Michael Jackson is one of the most loved and influential artist of all time. He leaves an indelible imprint on pop music and culture. Michael teamed up with Paul McCartny, where Michael sang on their 1982 duet " The girl is mine". One of jackson's songs "Thriller"" was released in 1987. He was at the top of the charts with the "'Bad"' album, which featured five number 1 hits. In 1991 Michael Jackson songs were increasing, thus "Dangerous" featuring the album "Black or White" was released. In 2001 Jackson released invincible.


Michael Jackson Songs: Top 20

Not only did Michael Jackson stood by his music, he also had a passion for saving the world and the children who lived in it. Michael Jackson Songs are inspirational. "We are the world" is known all over the entire universe, this song was created to make money for all the sick children.  History, past, present, and future book2 album hit the charts in 1995. From the song "Scream" featuring Janet Jackson ( his younger sister) to his last song on the album "Smile," the song that lets you keep the faith whenever you are down.


Michael Jackson Songs: Top 20

The top 20 Michael Jackson songs are based on the most wanted songs across the globe. It's also a combination of the most downloaded,  requested and top 20 Songs of the week worldwide. Michael Jackson songs touched the lives of many.

1. Thriller, was released in 1987
2. Billie Jean, was the 2nd single to be released from the album "Thriller"
3. Beat it, was realeased in 1983 from the "Thriller " album
4. Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough, was the first hit single from Michael Jackson's 1979 "Off the Wall" album.
5. Wanna Be Startin’ Something, was released on May 8, 1983 as the 4th single from the "Thriller" album
6. Bad, was released in august 1987.
7. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing), was released in 1983.
8. Smooth Criminal, was released in 1988 from the "Bad" album
9. Man In The Mirror, was released in January 1988 the 7th single from the "Bad" album.
10. The Way You Make Me Feel, was released in 1987 as the 3rd single from the "Bad" album.
11. Black or White, was released in November, 1991 as the lead single from the album "Dangerous"
12. Rock With You, was released in 1979 as the 2nd single from the album "Off the wall".
13. Scream, was released in 1995, it was the lead single from the "History" album.
14. Remember The Time, was released in 1992, it was the 2nd single from the album "Dangerous".
15. Shake Your Body (To The Ground), was released in 1978.
16. Will You Be There, was released in 1993 from the "Dangerous" album.
17. Heal The World, was released in 1991 from the "Dangerous" album.
18. They Don’t Care About Us, was released in 1996.
19. Human Nature, was released in 1983.
20. You Are Not Alone, was released in 1995.

Since the passing of Michael Jackson , There has been over 1 million tributes for the King of Pop

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