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Where To Buy My Song A Memoir

Published at 02/04/2012 20:08:48


Harry Belafonte is indeed one of the greatest icons alive today. At 84, this is one mainstream celebrity that has used his stardom for more than just personal gain. He participated in the Second World War as well as the movement to free the African American population form the state or condition that they were in. Harry Belafonte’s struggle and journey is narrated in his book to which he has given the name my song a memoir. My song a memoir is a detailed encounter of Harry Belafonte’s various experiences with numerous personality’s of previous decades. Among the names include Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. Just talking about his numerous achievements or efforts for the generations that followed is not enough, the only way to actually comprehend the depth of this icon’s accomplishments is to pick up and read his book.


Harry Belafonte was not born into stardom; he struggled every step to make his mark in the music industry, using his music initially to pay for acting classes. He always wanted to be an actor but music was his calling. Acting came later in his life for him and he starred in some seriously famous movies but his real stardom, as mentioned earlier came from the music industry and of course his social work. He is responsible for hit albums like “Calypso” (also form of music) and songs which really made his mark like “Day-O”. He always wanted to do more than just become a star and his calling was answered when Martin Luther King Jr. asked him to join hands with him in his cause, the two met and the rest is history, a history whose narrative is available in my song a memoir.


My song a memoir is available in numerous book stores and shops and might even be available at some libraries for those interested in reading but this is the 21st century and kids nowadays don’t read pretty much anything unless it is digital. But that is no reason to hinder anyone as digital copies are available to be purchased online. Also for all of the book worms that are dying to read it but do not have the time to go out and buy the epic piece, it is readily available at the major book selling websites like or others like The book is definitely worth the buy and should provide insight into key moments of American history. So it is recommended to true Americans that want to know as much as possible about their history and culture.

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Harry Belafonte is indeed one of the last surviving gems of his era and he possesses a wealth of knowledge, a portion of which is definitely put into this piece and knowledge is never a bad thing to gain, but then again not many things are. Resources are scarce so this book will be available but the copies are limited so it would be in the best interest of a keen reader to run and get it as fast as he can before they are sold out and such masterpieces tend to sell out quickly. My song a memoir should prove to be a great work of art; after all it does reflect a legends life and all of his accomplishments.