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How To Get Songs Off the Internet For Free

Published at 02/08/2012 04:44:43

How to get songs off the internet for free

Thanks to the advances in internet technology, music lovers can now access their favorite music online. They don’t have to be computer experts but just to learn where they can get songs off the internet for free.

Step 1

One of the best places to get songs for free off the internet is from the band website. Most musicians have their personal websites where they avail some of their music to their fans which is free and downloadable. What music lovers have to do is to simply search for the websites using the common search engines then follow the instructions given by the administrators. For instance, Bands like Coldplay and Nine Inch Nails have in the past offered free music downloads for their fans on their websites.

Step 2

Some social networks nowadays are a great way for artists to upload samples of their music for their fans. Music lovers can get songs for free from the sites such as MySpace or the Facebook fan page of their favorite musicians. As they get songs, fans don’t have to worry about breaking the law as these songs are perfectly legal. Fans are also able to keep up with any developments from their favorite musicians as they are alerted by updates/ latest news as they arrive from the artists.

Step 3

There are also popular websites sites that have up to date songs by different artists that allow people to get songs which are downloadable. These websites where people get songs include,,,,,, Ares Galaxy and iTunes. Most websites charge for music downloads so always make sure the song you have entered in the “Search” option is actually free.

Step 4

Music lovers can get songs for free by simply going to the website and click on where it is marked “download”. Make sure your computer has a program that supports this or you can download and install it if you don’t have one. It will appear on your “My Downloads” folder which of course will depend on your computer settings. Next, click on the “search” option in your program and type in either the artists name or the song title and then proceed to follow the instructions on how to download.

Some record labels also avail free music on their websites to woo music lovers to listen to music from their company. Fans can get songs from their favorite musicians complete with all information concerning the artists and the songs.


Music lovers can also get songs from websites that exclusively specialize in independent band promotions. For example, sites like and belong to the administrators who are charged with the duty of promoting artists and their music by providing samples of their music and information concerning the artists on their websites.

Always make sure that the music you download is not copyrighted so as not to get in trouble by the law. If it is legal, make sure that is fits your intended use as some musicians allow people to get songs and download their music but not to do remixes.

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