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Top 10 Jay Z Songs

Published at 02/07/2012 21:15:10

Top 10 Jay Z songs

Jay Z is one of the best rappers of all time who begun his career in eighties and thirty years later he is till on top of his game. Below are some of the most popular top Jay Z songs;

1. Dead presidents II
This was off his album ‘Reasonable doubt’ produced in 1996. He uses the term “dead presidents” to refer to money as he explains his rise from a street hustler to the top in the hip hop world. He exudes arrogance in the lyrics without being too cocky which has made the audience love Jay Z songs so much.

2. Hard knock life
The above song was one of the most popular Jay Z songs of all times off his album ‘Hard knock life’ produced in 1998. It talks about his rough childhood growing up In the hood which seems to be a common theme in most of Jay Z songs.

Top 10 Jay Z songs

3. Renegade
This is one of the most popular Jay Z songs off his 6th studio album ‘The blue print’ (2001) in which he collaborated with Eminem. Just like the running theme in most of his songs he talks about his childhood struggles that helped shaped the man he has become.

4. Song cry
It is one of the best jay Z songs of all time off his ‘The Blue Print’ Album (2001). This song also brings out his softer side as the lyrics say how he cannot express emotions directly to a person but can do it through a song.

Top 10 Jay Z songs

5.99 Problems
99 Problems is another one of the greatest Jay Z songs of his ‘The black album’ in 2003. He talks about him having many problems but a woman is not one of them seeing as his love interest does not add to his long list of problems.

This song came about as a result of a mash up of Linking Parks “Numb” and Jay Z’s ‘Encore”(2003). This song took hip hop to a new level and gave Jay Z songs even more recognition all over the world.

7.Dirt off your shoulder
Just as the catch phrase in the chorus suggests, the singer includes the light hand motion of brushing one’s hands off the shoulder as they singer along with the hook in the song. It was from his album ‘The Black album’.

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8.Empire state of mind feat Alicia keys
Produced in 2009, this is one of those Jay Z songs that became instant classics and brought out the softer side. Here he pays homage to the state he grew up in, New York with clever lyrics and heartfelt lines. 

9. Run this town feat Rihanna & kanye west
Also from his 2009 album ‘Blue print 3’ was the first Jay Z songs to get hin the number one spot in the UK charts.

10. Death of Auto tune (D.O.A) feat Kanye West
D.O.A is about Jay Z’s distaste for excessive se of auto tunes in hip hop songs which he thinks are long over due and people should move on already!