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Top 10 Girl Songs For 2011

Published at 02/07/2012 06:02:42

Top 10 Girl Songs for 2011

There were many women empowering songs that were released in the year 2011, with some of them topping the charts. Below are some of the greatest girl songs in 2011:

1. Run the World ( Girls) – Beyonce Knowles
This is one of the best girl songs to be ever produced in the history of women empowering music. Beyonce praises women on their ability to make money, bear children and just generally do it all.

2. What the Hell – Avril Lavigne
The Canadian songstress talks about personal freedom when a girl says “what the hell” and does something out of the ordinary, which makes it one of the best girls songs.

Top 10 girl songs

3. Born This Way – Lady Gaga
This song was produced in the beginning of 2011 and reached the number one position in over 23 countries. It talks about people being true to who they are no matter their race or sexuality, which makes it such a nice girl songs.

4. I Forgive You – Kelly Clarkson
This is one of the best girl songs about forgiveness after admitting that they also contributed to the breaking down of a relationship. It is about taking responsibility for one’s life with no blame games with people.

Top 10 girl songs

5. I Was Here – Beyonce
Beyonce in this song talks about giving her best in all that she does such that she leaves an indelible mark in the world. It’s a girls song which inspires women to do their best before their time on earth is up.

6. Motivation – Kelly Rowland feat Lil Wayne
Although this song has some suggestive language it’s a great girls song as it encourages young women to be aware of their sexuality. Kelly Rowland wanted women to feel strong sexually and not be shy to acknowledge their sexual side.

7. I Am Woman – Jordin sparks
Jordin Sparks marvel and praises how a woman is amazing. This girls songs inspires girls and lets them know that their contribution is acknowledged and no one can do what they do. It shows the inner strength that women have to help them multi task.

Top 10 girl songs

8. 21st Century – Willow Smith
10 year old Willow sung this girls song in 2011 to celebrate being a girl and proclaiming independence. Willow explained that the song is about girls being themselves and walking towards your goals to be the best.

9. Don’t Hold Your Breath – Pussy cat Dolls
This girls songs encourage ladies to walk away from bad relationships. The lyrics are very empowering as they are about a woman who has made up her mind to walk out of a relationship and has no plans to return and encourages the man not to have any hopes of a do over with the words “don’t hold your breath”.

10. The Living Proof – Mary J Blige
The lyrics of this song are about moving forward and letting go of anything bad that may have happened in one's life. This girls song was chosen as the theme song for the movie “The help”.