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2011 Number One Songs

Published at 02/08/2012 20:29:21


2012 was the year of great hits that rocked chats worlwide, with some staying on the chats for over three weeks in a row at number one. Below is a list some of these number one songs that are still hits up to date.

Maroon Five feat Christina Aguilera-Moves like Jagger

Like most successful pop songs, this was one of the number one songs in 2011 that had great beats that made it fun. This song brought both Christina and Maroon 5 in the limelight in a major way as it stayed in the top ten in most countries for weeks.

LMFAO - Sexy and I know it

This was the fourth number one songs that featured the word ‘sexy’ in its title to ever top the hot 100 list. It was their second most successful single after their first called ‘party rock anthem’. This American Electro-Hop duo, LMFAO topped the charts in many countries with this tongue-in-cheek great party song that many people loved to dance and sing along to anywhere.

Adele - Rolling in the deep

‘Rolling in the deep’ is one of the best number one songs off Adele’s second album “21” that won her numerous awards and recognition worldwide by music lovers. It stayed in the number one position in many countries for weeks that even The Rolling Stone Magazine termed it as being in the category of the best singles of 2011.

Rihanna-We found love

This is one of Rihanna’s number one songs in the year 2011 that saw her stay in the top 10 charts in many countries for weeks. It is more of a club anthem and although it has sparse lyrics, it is fun and danceable. She compiled it with the help of producer Calvin Harris who provided the tracks that led to the producing of this great song.

Adele - Someone like you

Adele sang this song in the year 2011 and it went on to be the among the best number one songs in the country, for instance, it stayed on top for eight weeks on Bill Board Hot 100 list. She has a great voice that has endeared her to many fans all over the world.

Lady Gaga - Born this way

This song was produced in the beginning of 2011 reaching number one position in over 23 countries. It was reported to have sold more than one million tracks in its first 5 days. This makes it the fastest-selling single in the history of iTunes store to date.

LMFAO- Party rock anthem

It was one of the best number one songs in 2011 and it was known for its electronic and club-friendly production that appealed to many people. This song was off LMFAO’s album ‘sorry for party rocking’ and went on to be number one on the Bill board Hot 100 becoming this bands single to ever top the charts.

Bruno Mars - Grenade

‘Grenade’ is one of the number one songs Bruno Mars released early 2011 that stayed in the top chats for weeks in many countries. The lyrics refer to a man in love with a woman who is willing to do anything for but the woman doesn’t feel exactly the same as he does and it kills him to know that.