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Top 10 Songs Karaoke

Published at 02/07/2012 21:37:50

Top 10 songs karaoke

Karaoke first started in Japan but quickly caught on with the rest of the world. People love karaoke with many bars now including it in their business premises. There are many popular songs karaoke that people love when they sing whether at home parties or at a karaoke bar and they include:

1. I will survive – Gloria Gaynor
This is an empowering song that people have considered as a good songs karaoke. It is famous all over the world even with even gay community taking it as their anthem.

2. Don’t go breaking my heart – Elton John & Kiki Dee
It was one of he highest selling records in 1976 that topped the charts in many countries. It is an Ideal songs karaoke as it is catchy and relatively easy to master and sing.

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3. Y.M.C.A by Village people
Although some people thought the lyrics were referring to closet gay people it went on to be one of the best songs karaoke. This is because it is fun especially as one can form the song title letters with your arms as you sing and even wear costumes on stage. One can even sing it when inebriated and still have fun with friends or/and family.

4. like a virgin – Madonna
This was her first number one hit that stayed on top for more than six weeks despite the racy and controversial lyrics. Many people love it for songs karaoke for its ironic and provocative lyrics.

5. Raining men - The weather girls
Like Y.M.C.A by the Village people, this song became popular with the gay community who helped popularize it. It is fun and great songs karaoke with catchy beats that everyone is bound to enjoy.

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6. Ain’t no mountain high enough – Dianna Ross
After going solo from the group ‘the supreme’s’, this Dianna’s first number one solo hit in America. It is now a favorite songs karaoke with many people for its great lyrics and music quality. The lyrics are simple and easy to learn which explains why it is still a great song after all these years.

7. Living on a prayer – Bon jovi
This is a great songs karaoke for many music lovers who want to ave fun. Even Bon Jovi himself says he never gets tired of singing this song. This song is a classic with its catchy chorus that one cant help but sing out loud to with a karaoke machine.

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8. Bohemian Rhapsody –Queen
This song is interesting as it starts slow but builds up as you sing along and wraps up very fast. People love it as a songs karaoke as it does not draw attention to bad singing and almost everyone can get away with singing this classic song.

Top 10 songs karaoke

10. I don’t wanna miss – Aerosmith

This song written in the 90’s was featured in the great movie Armageddon and the beaufiful lyrics has made it a very much loved songs karaoke.