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Top Gucci Mane Songs

Published at 02/08/2012 20:14:36

Top Gucci Mane songs

Gucci mane whose real name is Radric Davis is a controversial America rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. He has produced many songs that have earned him quite a following from his fans. The top best Gucci Mane songs include:

Wasted feat Plies:
This was one of the best Gucci manes songs and featured initially on his mix tape ‘Writing on the wall.Its lyrics are just a celebration of the party lifestyle. It was released in October and went on to top hip hop and rap charts and remains to be his best single to date. This song was off his second studio album ‘The state vs. Radric Davis.

‘Lemonade’ was also one of the top Gucci mane songs off the ‘The state vs. Radric Davis’ album. This single was produced late 2011 and it also peaked in the hip hop, rap charts and Billboard hot 100 list in America. The singer talks about his codeine-spiked lemonade in this song.

More Gucci Mane songs

Trap house:
This song was Gucci mane’s first independent album produced in 2005. The term ‘trap house’ refers to a house in a run down neighborhood where people usually illegally make and distribute drugs. It also happens to be one of Gucci mane songs done solo with no other featured artist.

My Kitchen:
This is one of the best Gucci mane songs that fans love to listen to due to its interesting lyrics that shows his poeticism and musicality.

Some more Gucci Mane songs

Worse Enemy:
Also released in the year 2009, this song is special to both Gucci mane songs fans and himself since he is inspired to do better. In this song he reflects back on the things that transpired between him and his rival rappers T.I and Young Jeezy. He is remorseful for all the derogatoy comments he made about T.I.’s wife and expresses regret.

Milk Milk:
Rhapsodic and rhythmic tones associated with Gucci manes songs make this track a great song to listen to since fans enjoy it so much.

Spotlight feat Usher:
This is one of the many Gucci Mane songs that feature other artists. The lyrics talk about a show-stopping girl in a club who takes the spotlight. This song is also from his famous album ‘The state vs. Radric Davis’.

Other Gucci Mane songs

Haterade feat Nicky Minaj & Pharell:

Gucci considered this song to be a summertime record since it is different as he decided to take on a different approach as he does in most of his other songs. He says it came about when he and Nicky Minaj were talking about really personal deep stuff together which inspired them to do this song. This song was produced by ‘the Neptunes’.

Grown man feat Estelle:

This is another one of Gucci mane Songs featuring other artist released in the year 2010. This time he collaborates with the Britich songstress Estelle. He sang this after serving his 12-months sentence at Georgia’s Fulton County Jail as he had violated his parole mandates. Just as the title suggest he claims that he has learned his lesson and is now focused as he transitions from his old self to the grown man that he desires to be.