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Where Can Miley Cyrus Songs Be Found Online?

Published at 02/08/2012 06:16:23

Where can Miley Cyrus songs be found online?

Miley Cyrus is one of the most popular teen idols in America right now. Her role as ‘Hannah Montana’ in the ‘Hannah Montana’ sitcom propelled her to stardom which she has taken advantage of to launch her solo music career. Lovers of Miley Cyrus songs don’t have to wait for her physical albums to get to the stores; they can now get her music online in the comfort of their own home.

One of the best places to find Miley Cyrus songs is in her social networks where her sample music is available for her fans to listen to. This includes her MySpace official profile ( and her Facebook fan page where they can hear her songs and find out complete information on the songs and what she is pursuing at any particular moment. The information ranges from her tour dates, albums and latest releases.


Miley Cyrus songs can also be found on the various music websites that avail music from popular artists. These sites include,, and Fans can also found out the lastest information and gossip surrounding Miley Cyrus in these sites.

There are also those music sites that allow peer to peer sharing of music where people can find Miley Cyrus songs e.g., and Jamendo. These sites do not infringe on the licensing rights of artists because they have a creative Common License that allows them to share music from various artists with fans. They are able to pay the artists with the 50% of the revenue they get from advertising revenue with artists that subscribe to the RSP (Revenue Sharing Program)


One can also access Miley Cyrus songs online from the music sites that are known for selling music online such as Amazon, Microsoft’s Zune Mp3 player and iTunes from Apple. The great thing about these sites they always have up to date music at any given time so you will definitely find most of your favorite Miley Cyrus songs. Some of these sites even offer affordable subscription plans that fans can take advantage of in order to get the Miley Cyrus songs that are available.

The great thing about these music sites is that you get to preview the songs first before buying the songs that you like off the album as opposed to buying the whole CD physically from the stores. This is due to the fact that sometimes one discovers that in a whole album they like only a few songs. This is also helps fans know that they are actually buying the correct Miley Cyrus songs as sometimes the titles can be confusing.

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Miley Cyrus songs can also be found online on her official website where one gets to see all her new songs immediately they are released. This is where Miley promotes her songs and lets her fans know all the official information regarding all the projects she is working on.
Another great place to find Miley cyrus songs is on YouTube which is great as it features the music videos to her songs.