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What Are Considered To Be Black Songs?

Published at 02/06/2012 13:55:40

What are considered to be black songs?

Although music is universal and many people can appreciate good music, they are generally categorized into different groups. One such group of music is black songs which originated from African-Americans but have spread all over the rest of the world. These are songs which are influenced by the black or African American culture in America.


Majority of the African Americans had ancestors who came to America during slave trade. They came from different African countries all over the world. With them they came with different influences and rhythms. They first started sing these black songs as they worked in the fields of their slave masters. When they discovered Christianity, they incorporated it with their songs which further developed the black songs popularity in America.

In the beginning of the 20th century black songs were mainly in the form of jazz and blues. It then took other forms like swing then later Rhythm and blues(R&B) which continue to be even more popular to date.


During this time there were many popular musicians who help grow black songs such as The Supremes, Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke, The temptations and Marvin Gaye among others. Most of these black songs were recorded as the first record label that accepted black songs and it was called Motown Records.

In the 70’s hip hop was born while soul music and funk music were still gaining popularity through great musicians such as James Brown. Then later there was the introduction of neo soul black songs which are also very much admired by people. The neo soul artists includes the likes of Erykah Badu, floetry, Anthony Hamilton and Jill Scott.

Black songs are considered to be one of the most original American music. They take many forms from R&B, Neo soul, hip-hop, pop music. Many musicians now mix different genres such that it is now difficult to classify black music in one category. But one thing is for sure is that in the 21st Black songs are now recognized all over the world by people with other countries now copying their style e.g. hip hop which is the most popular.


Although blacks songs take many forms they all have the same thing in common in that they all talk about the struggles that the African American people have gone through. These struggles include racial discrimination, prisons & the judicial systems, education systems (social injustices), environmental injustices, escape and freedom, anger and struggle to establish identity and culture in a previously white-dominated society.

Through black songs, African-Americans can express them selves in an uncensored way from their own experiences as opposed to relying on an outsider telling their from their own interpretation which may not cover the topics comprehensively.

Black songs are not all angry, they also give hope, are witty, chastise and talk about love which is a universal human desire. These songs have gained popularity such that they are now incorporated In other music from other cultures by people of other races too.