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The Top 10 Country Songs

Published at 02/09/2012 00:05:22


Country music has become highly competitive, especially because there are a number of styles under this genre. You can now find traditional country music, contemporary country songs, and alternative country music, among others. Country songs are loved the world over. To compile the top 10 country songs requires looking into record sales each week. It also calls for how much airplay a song gets as well as the number of downloads too. The list changes every week and only those exceptional songs will remain week after week at the top. For now though, here are the top 10 country songs.

Step 1

  • You by Chris Young is the number one country song. Young is finally at the top position and he is certainly enjoying having being on the chart for twenty three weeks.
  • I don’t want this night to end by Luke Bryan has dropped one slot to number two. This song has been one of the highly ranked country songs for twenty two weeks.
  • All your life by The Band Perry is in third position. Wonderful trio with an album that has a few hit songs. This band is creating country songs that are appealing to a large number of fans.

Step 2

  • Drink in my hand by Eric Church has a beautiful sound to it. Entertaining with lyrics that are interesting, it’s difficult not to sing along.
  • You gonna fly by Keith Urban is another of Urban’s many hit country songs. A sultry voice, wonderful lyrics and amazing tunes, it’s no surprise that his songs always do so well.
  • Reality by Kenny Chesney. Even though it’s in sixth position, it does not take away from Chesney’s genius when it comes to country songs. Always lyrically stimulating, his songs are certainly the kind to look out for.

Step 3

  • Keep me in mind by Zac Brown Band. They have had a few hits so far and they continue to do well in the country music scene.
  • Home by Dierks Bentley is easy going and interesting. One of the good country songs to listen to so far this year.
  • I’m gonna love you through it by Martina McBride. She has been singing country songs for years and still has a way of delivering the message powerfully. Lyrically thought-provoking, her songs are always a joy to listen to. Her lyrics always tell a story and this number nine song is no different.
  • Red solo cup by Toby Keith is just as fun a song as his other country songs that keep you entertained. He has the deep, mellow voice that has a way of delivering music with a punch. His songs are very likeable and it’s difficult not to smile when you are listening to his songs that are humorous.


Country songs have been pleasurable for years. The message in most songs is always engaging and melancholy. Most country musicians are brilliant in this art form and have a way of bringing country songs to life. The current top 10 songs will probably remain etched in country music lovers’ memories for more than just a few weeks. That is the beauty of country songs; their longevity.

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