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How To Make a Songs Remix

Published at 02/07/2012 21:52:22

How To Make a Songs Remix

The idea of songs remix has been around for quite a while unlike what most of us would like to believe. Songs remix began in Jamaica back in the 1960s with producers such as Lee Scratch Perry and Tubby King who started to release versions of tracks that occupied the side B of 45s.The tracks were made to sound different from the original ones by having effects added such as tape delay, springs reverb ,cutting and rearranging particular parts.

Songs remix make it possible to enhance the feel, style and the emotional meaning of the track. It’s also possible to reharmonize and change the context sections of the track while at the same time making additional elements to the track. The remixer has a free hand to do their remix but they always have foundational materials from where they begin from. Some songs remix preserve or change the vocals while others make changes to the entire track. Here is how songs remix is done.

Step 1

Choose the track you want to remix-it’s important to pick a complete mix down of original tracks which must be derived directly from the CD. Separate tracks are better and more so if they have vocals from the artists who recorded the track as the songs remix will sound better.

Identify how you need to enhance the track-Songs remix can be achieved through adding rhythm tracks or they can be remade afresh. Some songs remix tracks may only need enhancements in particular parts, others will require complete overhaul.

Step 2

Analyze the track and take apart components that need to be changed-take the materials you need to work with, slice and trim them. This can be done in an editing suite to make it easier to cut loops.

Try the edited parts-try all the effects that are available to see how they sound on particular parts of the track. You will have a range of effects to choose from ranging from delay to frequency modulation and many more to experiment with.

Step 3

Reconstruct the remix-Set the time signature of the track (4/4 is the most popular and the tempo-beats per minute in the loop software. After that is done import the loops and make corrections on time, choose the correct tempo of the track and ensure that quality is maintained during this process. Now our songs remix is taking shape ,so reconstruct the track, ensuring that you follow the original format as much as possible (this includes the intro, verse, bridge and others)You have the option of completely changing the format but ensure it will sound alright, then layer the vocals over the chorus. Alternatively you can cut some of the vocals and superimpose them while reversed. Its also possible to reharmonize all the elements of the track, always remember the one rule in songs remix is Experiment!


The final songs remix step is to master your creation-Once you are satisfied with your work, save it to a WAV but not an mp3 file format then. When that is done you can now use LAME convert the file to mp3 ,now the track is ready for distribution.