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What Are Some Good Songs Dj Use?

Published at 02/07/2012 22:01:07

What Are Some Good Songs Dj Use?

Good djs have their favorite songs at their finger tips which make them unique, however they are many songs dj can play according to the particular occasion. Dj music is an all time favorite whether it’s in a club or party. Some songs dj will prefer to play tracks using turntables while other prefers to use repercussive sounds. Whichever style songs dj prefer everyone has to agree that djs are the soul and life of the party or club, this is because it’s the songs they play that make you feel like standing up and screaming your head off.

Good songs dj includes the following:

  • Hey baby-Pitbull
  • Forever-Chris brown
  • Feel good-James brown
  • Crazy bitch-Bucklecherry
  • My sharona-The knack
  • Jump around-House of pain
  • Sexyback-Justin timberlake
  • The twist-Chubby checker
  • When a man loves a woman-Michael Bolton
  • Staying alive-N.trace
  • Wet fingers-E samba
  • Fly away from here-Dropline
  • Proud mary-creedence Clearwater
  • Shakira-Waka Mijangos
  • Steefish-Dropline
  • Pablo Rindt-Artistic alarm
  • Cupid-Cupid shuffle
  • Kool and the gang-celebration
  • Michael,Jackson-don’t stop till you get there
  • Lonestar-Amazed
  • Michael Jackson-Beat it
  • Journey-Faithful
  • Black eyed peas-Imma Be
  • Train-Marry me
  • Kesha-We are who we are

Any good songs djs will consider the following occasions as they play their music:

Dance music-Dance music must reverberate with the tempo of the dance; the songs dj must consider the age group in attendance as they play their music tracks so as to be sure that the music is relevant to the dancer. A dance songs dj will perform better on such occasions as they best understand the requirements of dancers. Party music-unlike dance music the tracks played on such occasions is meant to entertain and liven the party. Good songs dj will have appropriate party music to add life to the party. The songs dj must ensure that guests invited to the party must not leave. This calls for discretion on the part of the songs dj who must keep the guests on their feet otherwise they will leave early. Wedding music-music played in weddings is quite different from others played on other occasions. The songs dj need to understand the theme of the wedding, music played on this occasion must reflect the sanctity of a wedding. It’s crucial to have the songs chosen carefully as they may make or break your wedding.

Other songs that are popular with djs include:

  • Rihanna-Disturbia
  • U2-beautiful day
  • Maya,Edward-stereo love
  • Buffet ,jimmy-Margariteville
  • Sinatra Frank-come fly with me
  • Use somebody-kings of Leon
  • Justin timberlake-Rock your body
  • Sober-Pink
  • Not meant to be—theory of deadman
  • Addicted-Saving Abel
  • Tatto-Jordin Sparks
  • Apologize-One republic
  • No air-Jordin and Chris brown
  • Damaged-Danity Kane
  • This is why Im hot-Mims
  • Pocketful of sunshine-Natasha Bedingfield
  • We fly high-Jim Jones

Since djs can make or break your occasion it’s important to find out how much they understand their trade before hiring them. The songs dj must be able to demonstrate that they know and understand the occasion at hand and the appropriate songs to be played on such an event.