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What Songs Are Easiest To Learn For Beginners

Published at 02/07/2012 21:58:40


Almost everybody can learn to sing whether with accompaniment or not, usually the trick is learning what songs are easiest to begin with "The Wall flowers". Three Marlenas is one of the songs that are quite easy for anyone who needs to learn a song fast. When choosing what songs to master quickly its important to begin with songs that are also easy to play on guitar or piano. Usually what songs to learn are influenced by simple lyrics that anyone who is keen enough can muster quite fast. Some of the songs that are considered easy may not be easy at all as they may have some keys and words that are hard to muster. When one is settling on what songs they need to learn as a beginner consulting with a music instructor may save them a lot of heartache and frustration.


The song "A horse with no name by America is one such song that most songs instructors will encourage a beginner to learn. The lyrics of the song should come top when indentifying what songs to begin with, others include:

  • Hey there Delilah ,a great pop song by Plain white.
  • Man on the moon by REM.
  • Loosing my religion also done by REM.
  • Driver eight-REM.
  • Scarborough Fair by Nick and David.
  • House of the rising sun by, a song done by animals, Dolly Parton and Bob Dylan. This song is done in A minor which makes it quite easy to muster as the chord pattern remains the same, however the chord as gives it a very sober mood.
  • Where did you sleep last night, a traditional song popularized by Nirvana MTV and recorded by Leadbelly.
  • Knocking on heavens door ,a classic with very simple cords and lyrics to remember by Bob Dylan in 1973.
  • Time of your life a great hit by Green day in 1997, this song can also be used by people who not only want to learn singing abut also play the guitar at the same time.
  • Free fallin was one of the greatest hits of the 89s, it’s done by Tom Petty. When doing such a song its important to focus on the story behind the vocals so as to break the monotony of repetition.
  • Everybody hurts an all time favorite of the REM in 1993 can also come in handy.


While thinking of what songs to learn as easily as possible one needs to consider getting the lyrics written down in order to muster the song easily. For the modern techno savvy person all they may need to do is go online and download the lyrics of what songs they want to learn from their respective sites which contain the songs. Its important for the beginners to practice in a group as this provides social support to each member of the group. Each member of the group can come up with what songs they feel are favorite and easy to comprehend which adds to the variety.

Tips and comments

Beginning with the simplest songs is one of things learners need to think about when picking out what songs they need to practice on. What songs to start with should have one or two chords may be simpler as well as songs which have moderate tempos. At the same time it’s important to look out for songs which have interesting lyrics as they stick more to the beginner’s mind.