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Song Of the Parrot

Published at 02/07/2012 21:30:19


Parrot is one of the birds that has the ability to speak like human beings in a mimic manner though they never comprehend what they speak fully parrots are clever and can some times talk back and answer question that human ask though most of them do that after being trained to do so. Song of parrot is just one example of the kind of music parrots can sing. They have the own song from the birds and as well a song from that they have heard from human the song of the parrots is just good and amazing especially when you are looking at the performance. It has humor and its interesting because if a song from a none human. It takes singing to a new level and more so producing songs that is good and quite unique in it’s own right. Children mostly love the song of the parrot and some people just pretend not to understand it while most of he words that are used in the song are human language. The song of the parrots has it own meaning and some are just mimic words from human songs or just copied words it takes time to understand but again the song of the parrot makes perfect sense like many other songs by human. People will create beats after training the parrot on how to respond to the song and the parrots after continuous exercise will produce a very good song that many will no doubt call it the song of the parrot. Eye brows are always raised when such songs title are talked about but the reality is the parrots for a very long time have been know to have the same voice codes as the humans have and thus can sing a song of the parrots.

Song of the parrots

Song of the parrots take long periods and some time shorter periods depending to the moods of the parrots like many pets parrots seem to adjust to new environment faster though sometimes they look timid and shy to just do a song they are used to.

Type of song

Song of the parrots is quite different and some time is just too different to fall into any music genre in human understanding. Song of parrot is getting the attention of song lover though not so much but people are trying to rate them and make them more meaningful and have an identity like most songs done by humans. Historically people think the song of the parrots is just an imagination and the modern use of technology to record the performance of the birds has made other believe some even enjoy dancing to the song.


The song of is performed to all not at any time in particular but randomly. Only few entertainers have use the song of the parrot in to entertain few crowds and family outings that are very open to any family entertainment and has made kids and parents have good times and even pay for the song of the parrot show and book first seats.