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All About Eminem Songs

Published at 02/07/2012 23:48:48


Eminem produces music that reflects three genres in particular; namely hip hop, rap rock and gangsta rap. On a whole these mentioned genres are cultural movements that were prevalent amongst Black Americans and mirror the violent life-styles of inner city youths. Any sort of music does imitate the situations that one has faced through his or her life; the harder one’s childhood the more violent the music and lyrics are. Eminem songs in particular imitate his disturbed childhood and are characterized by continuous speaking, in tone with the background music. There are usually no changes in pitches and tones, throughout the songs.


Eminem started rapping at the age of 14, and it mainly served as a purpose of distraction from his disturbed and painful childhood. In 1999 he got signed by a major record label, and then he released his first album titled The Real Slim Shady. This album gained massive support from fans and won the Best Album of the Year award at the Grammy’s. Since then Eminem became a common name amongst the young generation and his popularity kept on increasing significantly. Eminem’s childhood and even later life had very troubled characteristics. His childhood day’s consisted of not knowing his father, who had abandoned him and mother who was unstable and abused him physically. Later on, his life was further ruined due to his rocky relationship with wife Kim. Eminem failed school three times in 9th grade, before dropping out. And after this he spent almost all his time making music and rapping endlessly.


Eminem songs are usually highly censored due to the abusive language that he makes a point to use. Even though, his music gained large support from fans, it is considered rather unsuitable for young children. His music contains collaborations with renowned artists such a Dido, Dr. Dre, Rihanna, Steven Tyler amongst many others. The most popular Eminem songs ever released include; The Real Slim Shady, Lose Yourself, Sing for the moment, White America and Stan. His initial reference to himself as “Slim Shady” has become a very popular tag line amongst the masses, and that is what he henceforth also began to be known as. Eminem songs received so much interest that within four years of his career a movie was made about his tragic life. Even though, some of his songs are a bit upbeat, usual Eminem songs consist of tragedy, sadness and heinous crimes being committed against one person or entire humanity.

Tips and comments

Eminem songs lyrics are considered so strong and powerful that sometimes they can hold on their own, even without any background music. Even though the genre doesn’t permit heart-felt soul singing, his lyrics are enough to make eyes water and are extremely relatable. Eminem’s songs might portray a sense of failure and pain, but they always end on a hopeful note and encourage one to stand strong in the face of all adversities. Since, his music can be deemed as inspirational he should try and avoid abusive langue and explicit material in his videos, so more people can view and benefit from it.